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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently asked Questions regarding the University of Rochester Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program.

How many years of fellowship are required if I am currently an EM Resident versus a Pediatric Resident?

  • EM Residency - 2 years
  • Pediatric Residency - 3 years

Do you participate in the ERAS application?

Yes, this is the only application we participate in.

When will interviews be conducted? 

Interviews will be conducted September through November

When is the official start date?

The start date is July 1.

If I am selected for an interview how will I be notified?

You will be notified through the ERAS application and via e-mail.

What Visas, if any will be acceptable to the University of Rochester?

Per GME regulation, the only Visa that is acceptable for an incoming fellow is a J1 Visa. If you have questions regarding this, please view the Applicant Eligibility Requirements page.

What is the salary of a fellow (not inclusive of benefits)?
2024-2025 AY

  • PGY4- $78,126
  • PGY5- $81,902
  • PGY6- $85,376