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What our fellows say...

"Even from the beginning during interviews, it was clear that our program's leadership is full of kind people that want the best for you.  They have gone out of their way to make adjustments to the fellowship to tailor better experiences, and they constantly check in to make sure that we are happy and content outside of work as well.  Academically, Rochester offers a diverse catchment area with a wide range of illnesses, as well as other opportunities like a Master's program that is integrated into the fellowship.  While our shifts can be hectic and stressful, all of our ED staff are warm and welcoming, and I am constantly excited to go to work both to spend time with friends as well as to develop as a physician."

William Cheng


Pediatric EM Core Faculty

Anne Brayer, MD
Colleen O’Neil Davis, MD, MPH
Lynette Froula, MD
Christopher Harmon, MD
Elizabeth Murray, DO, MBA
Asim Abbasi, MD, MPH
Julie Pasternack, MD, MEd
Lindsey Picard, MD, MEd
Elisabeth Losito, MD, MMM
Katherine Nacca, MD
Yulia Vabishchevich, MD, MEd

Pediatric/Adult Faculty

Michael Lu, MD
Linda Spillane, MD
Bryce Yerman, MD

Research Faculty

(in addition to above)

David Adler, MD, MPH
Jeffrey Bazarian MD MPH
Jeremy Cushman, MD

Physician Extenders

Shawna Coffin, PNP
Elizabeth Cole, PNP
Kristie Anna MacLagger, PNP
Corina Malec, PNP
Heather Martin, PNP, DNP
Nancy Swank, PNP
Nicholas Wodo, PNP