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Fellow/Resident Life

Our fellows and residents enjoy a collegial learning environment at work as well as active social lives outside of the hospital. Our hard work in the hospital is nicely balanced with frequent informal, relaxing social events within our group and other colleagues in our free time. We have a call room as well as an office which are comfortable places to discuss difficult patient cases, share on-call experiences or just to hang out and decompress. After work we meet as individuals and families for events such as bowling night, paintball, drinks at local bars, and dinner at local restaurants or at residents’ homes.

Rochester is a very livable, affordable medium-sized city, first built on the Genesee River and eventually the Erie Canal. Initially known as the Flour City for its prolific milling industry, it has now become known as the Flower City, with a world-renowned annual Lilac Festival in Highland Park. The area boasts not only a stable economy and affordable housing in beautiful locales, but also some of the nation's best public schools. Rochester has a wide variety of cultural happenings and social events, including music, art and nearly weekly festivals during the warm months, which caters well to the varied interests of our fellows and their families. Rochester has many minor-league sports teams, with major league teams in the close vicinity for our sports enthusiasts.