Neurosurgery Residency Program

Howard Silberstein, MD

Howard Silberstein , M.D.
Program Director

The University of Rochester enjoys a longstanding history of training outstanding clinical neurosurgeons. I've watched the evolution of this Neurosurgery Residency Program and have been impressed with its growth and development. In addition to the University hospital we now have three affiliated community hospital rotations providing additional clinical experience for our residents. Always very strong in clinical neurosurgery, the addition of an outstanding research faculty has added a further dimension to our ability to produce top notch neurosurgical residents prepared to enter the neurosurgical work force in the career path of their choice.

All aspects of neurosurgery are represented in the faculty on staff, from the ability to perform interventional cerebrovascular work to the latest techniques of deep brain stimulation, as well as the advanced techniques of minimally invasive and complex spine surgery. We now have subspeciality programs in neuro-oncology, neuroendocrine, pediatrics and epilepsy. These programs and technically advanced surgical interventions are practiced by a diverse faculty anxious to impart their knowledge and expertise to our neurosurgery residents.

Opportunities to expand our research into other departments within the University of Rochester Medical Center are constantly available and encouraged. And the hallmark of our program is a strongly knitted atmosphere of collegiality between the faculty and the residents.

It is my wish, as well as the wish of the entire faculty, that you thoroughly explore the possibilities of training in our program.