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Neurosurgery Skills Lab

The Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center offers one of the nation’s leading neurosurgery residency programs. We enjoy a longstanding history of training outstanding clinical neurosurgeons. In addition to the Strong Memorial hospital our several affiliated community hospitals provide additional clinical experience for our residents. Always very strong in clinical neurosurgery, the opportunity to engage with outstanding research faculty has added a further dimension to our ability to produce top notch neurosurgical residents prepared to enter the field in the career path of their choice.

To sustain our commitment to excellence in training, we have renovated our clinical skills lab. This much needed investment in the physical space and training equipment will propel the next generation of neurosurgeons to the next frontier in clinical training by creating a skills lab with dedicated cranial and spinal surgical stations and incorporating a simulation lab with state-of-the-art 3D virtual surgical training.

Example Projects 

The multi-technology platform of the lab allowed for performing and also recording any training exercise or project. Below are examples of one of our residents practicing difficult bypasses as would be done in real clinical scenarios.

1. IMax RAG M2 

2. Occipital - PICA 

Skills Lab 1

Skills Lab 2

Skills Lab 3

Skills lab 4

  • Neurosurgery Photo 3
  • Neurosurgery Photo 2
  • Neurosurgery Photo 3
  • Neurosurgery Photo 4
  • Neurosurgery Photo 5

Skills Lab Cranial Station 
Custom design cranial table with built in Mayfield clamps and microscopes. Core concept of the lab is ease of use. Easily configured for large courses at the regional and national level. Plug and play design of the lab. 

Skills Lab Spine Tables 
Operating tables and are remote controlled to allow tilt and height adjustment.  These tables allow work on peripheral nerve. Efficiency of setup and cleanup has  been maximized.