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Rochester Neurosurgery Partners provides the widest range of neurosurgery and neuromedicine care in the region. And that benefits our patients in several important ways:

  • We provide comprehensive care. Our neuromedicine providers have expertise in virtually every type of disease that may require brain or spinal surgery.
  • We offer the most advanced treatments. Our neurosurgeons are experienced in the very latest neurosurgical procedures, many of which are not available anywhere else in the region.
  • Our neurosurgeons are specialists. They have more experience in providing exactly the care you need.

For more information on any of our neurosurgeons or our neuromedicine providers, click on one of the names below.

Webster PilcherWebster H. Pilcher, M.D., Ph.D.
Appointment: (585) 275-7944
Specialties: Epilepsy, Spine, Brain Tumors


Matthew Bender, MDMatthew Bender, M.D.
Assistant Professor
  (585) 273-1900
Specialties: Endovascular and open treatment options for cerebrovascular disease, spine disease, brain tumors, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, brain aneurysms, cranial and spinal vascular malformations, and carotid disease.  Broad experience in general neurosurgery, including spine trauma and degenerative disease, cranial surgery and hydrocephalus.

Tarun, BhallaTarun Bhalla, M.D.
Appointment:  (585) 273-1900
Specialties: Open cerebrovascular and endovascular treatment for spinal and cerebrovascular disease including stroke, aneurysms, AVMs, carotid/vertebral disease and trigeminal neuralgia

Vassilios DimopoulosVassilios Dimopoulos, M.D.
Appointment: (607) 269-0033
Specialties: Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Cranial Neurosurgery, Brain and Spinal Tumors

Pierre GirgisPierre S. Girgis, M.D.
Appointment: (585) 225-5767
Specialties: Spine, Compression Fractures, Brain Tumors

HorganMichael Horgan, M.D.
Appointment: (607) 301-4141
Specialties: Brain, Complex Spine, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Yan Michael Li

Yan Michael Li, M.D., Ph.D.
Appointment: (585) 225-5767
Specialties: Complex brain & spine cancer surgery, minimally invasive & endoscopic surgery for spine, brain & skull base tumors, awake brain tumor surgery

John MarkmanJohn D. Markman, M.D.
Appointment: (585) 276-3616
Specialties: Medical Pain Management, Injections, Spinal Cord Stimulation

Dr MattinglyThomas Mattingly, MD, MSc
Appointment: (585) 273-1900
Specialties: Carotid/Vertebral Artery Disease, Ischemic & Hemorrhagic Stroke, Aneurysms, Cerebral/Spinal AVMs, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Dr. MaurerPaul K Maurer, M.D.
Appointment: (585) 591-6790
Specialties: Spine, Cerebrovascular

Dr. MaxwellJames T. Maxwell, M.D.
Appointment: (585) 342-7170
Specialties: Brain Tumors, Spine

James Metcalf

James C. Metcalf, M.D.
Appointment: (607) 269-0033
Specialties: Spinal & Cranial Surgery, Spinal Fusions & Fractures, Brain and Spinal Tumors

Thomas Rodenhouse

Thomas G. Rodenhouse, M.D.
Appointment: (585) 473-7560
Specialties: Spine, Cranial

Howard Silberstein

Howard J. Silberstein, M.D.
Appointment: (585) 273-1606 (Peds), (585) 342-7783 (Adult)
Specialties: Pediatric Neurosurgery, Brain Tumors, Spine

Stone John

Jonathan J. Stone, M.D., M.Se.
Appointment: (585) 225-5767
Specialties: Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery, Cranial & Spine Surgery, Complex Spine Surgery, Spine Trauma, Brain & Spine Tumors

George Vates

G. Edward Vates, M.D., Ph.D.
Appointment: (585) 225-5767
Specialties: Pituitary Tumors, Acoustic Neuroma, AVM

Armando Villarreal

Armando A. Villarreal , M.D., MBA
Appointment: (585) 276-3616
Specialties: Medical Pain Management, Injections

Kevin Walter

Kevin A. Walter, M.D.
Appointment: (585) 225-5767
Specialties: Brain and Spinal Tumors, Surgical Reconstruction, Spine

Andrew Wensel

Andrew M. Wensel, M.D.

Appointment: (585) 467-1643
Specialties: Spine, Functional Neurosurgery, Surgical Pain Management, Brain and Spinal Tumors

Advanced Practice Providers

  • Monika Agarwal, NP
  • Chelsea Armstrong, NP
  • Faith Childers, PA
  • Michelle Dugan, RN, NP, MS
  • Stephanie Ellens, PA
  • Sarah Gallagher, RN
  • Erica Gantz, PA
  • Cathy Hastings, RN, NP, MS
  • Cassandra June, NP
  • Kathleen McIntosh, RN, NP, MS
  • Christopher J. Montanaro, PA-C, MMM
  • Kim Page, RN, NP, MS
  • Valerie Phillips, MS, PA
  • Jessica Price, FNP
  • Shirley Rast, RN, NP, MS
  • Susan O. Smith, RN, NP, MS
  • Cynthia Zink, PA

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