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Orthopaedic Surgery Experiences for 4th Year Medical Students

The University of Rochester Residency Program is pleased to offer Virtual Orthopaedic Surgery Experiences for 4th year medical students planning to pursue an orthopaedic residency position during the 2022 NRMP Match.

We will be offering two ways to learn more about our orthopaedic surgery department and training program. One option will be through a hands on "in person" sub-internship rotation. The second option would be through participation in a virtual formal orthopaedic surgery educational experience.

Visiting Clerkship Program - Office of Medical Student Inclusion and Enrichment Programs (OMSIEP)

The Visiting Clerkship Program is designed to give students from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine (URiM) or who have a demonstrated vision and commitment to improving the health status of diverse patient populations via patient care, research and/or teaching an opportunity to experience training at URMC and to connect with faculty, residents, and 4th year medical students during the months of August-November. This program is coordinated by the Office of Medical Student Inclusion and Enrichment Programs (OMSIEP) and the Office of the Registrar. Only full-time, final year medical students who have completed 3rd year core clerkships may apply. Contact the OMSIEP office for an application and more information.​

Formal In-person Rotation – Sub-Internship

Timeline and How to Apply

  • Applications through VSAS; opens mid-April.
  • Early May; Department of Orthopaedics to start processing away rotation applications and notify applicants of decisions.
  • Early June; Registrar, University of Rochester School of Medicine to process official enrollments.
  • 4 week rotation, monthly basis:
    • July - first rotation; 7/4/2022-7/31/2022
    • August - second rotation; 8/1/2022-8/28/2022
    • September - third rotation; 8/29/2022-9/25/2022
  •   VIRTUAL "Information Session"
    • TBD
  • To be considered for the sub-internship, you must meet the requirements of both the Office of the Registrar and the Department of Orthopaedics.
  • Per January 2021 guidelines of The Coalition for Physician Accountability’s Work Group on Medical Students Moving Across Institutions for Post Graduate Training, we plan to limit approved away rotations to one per learner, except for unique situations; i.e. one away rotation per student during the residency selection process.

To Apply for the Sub-Internship

All visiting medical students interested in participating in the University of Rochester Orthopaedic Surgery Sub-internship must apply through VSAS. If the visiting medical student is also interested in applying for residency training in orthopaedic surgery, they must apply separately through ERAS. We recognize that not all visiting medical students will also apply for the residency training program. Historically, a remarkably high percentage of sub-internship students are granted interviews and a high percentage of sub-interns who interview match at the University of Rochester Orthopaedics residency.

Supply Supporting Documentation

  • Curriculum vitae
    • The University of Rochester Orthopaedics will obtain a copy of a potential visiting student’s CV from VSAS.
    • U of R students: please submit a copy directly to our office (contact information below).
  • Personal statement
    • Our office will obtain a copy of a visiting student’s personal statement from VSAS. Limit to 250 words, and explain why you are interested in completing a sub-internship with our program.
  • Transcript
    • Our office will obtain a copy of the medical school transcript for visiting students from VSAS.
    • For U of R students, please submit a copy directly to our office.
  • USMLE 
    • Copy of USMLE scores.

Application Process and Timeline

Once all required materials are received through VSAS and approved by the University of Rochester School Of Medicine, eligible applications will be reviewed by the Department of Orthopaedics.

Once the application review is complete and a decision is made regarding acceptance, the department will contact the students with their decision. The Office of the Registrar from the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine will subsequently contact students to be officially enrolled in the rotation.

*Please note, per AAMC guidelines, all rotating students are allowed ONE rotation outside their home institution, except for a few exceptions. 

Formal Virtual Rotation Experience

  • These are scheduled virtual experiences with expected attendance.
  • The sessions are aimed at providing core orthopaedic education and to allow students more in-depth exposure to our faculty and residents. 
  • The program allow students to learn more about our residency program and will allow faculty and residents to get to know the participating students.
  • Our subspecialty services will be highlighted during the curriculum, as well as our research activities. 
  • Activities will include being invited to be part of student-specific didactic conferences, department conferences (such as Grand Rounds), and resident/student only events. Students will also complete a brief, oral case-based presentation at the end of their rotation.
  • Participant numbers will be limited to ensure meaningful mentorship and educational interactions with students, faculty and residents.

*Note: Participation in this program is NOT a pre-requisite to apply to the University of Rochester Orthopaedic surgery residency program. In addition, participation is not a guarantee for an invitation to interview. Participation will allow the medical student to learn more about our orthopaedic surgery residency program.


  • US and Canadian LCME accredited medical students, final year of training, who are planning to apply to orthopaedic residency in the 2022 MATCH.
  • Formal virtual rotation experience is offered as an elective, with a pass/fail grade, and can be processed per individual student institutions.

Format and Structure

  • 2 week Virtual Rotation Experience: Monday to Friday
    • October 4 to October 15, 2022
  • Evening student-specific subspecialty conferences - REQUIRED
    • Led by faculty and residents
    • Monday through Thursday
    • Students will be expected to come prepared for nightly sessions; core reading material to allow for discussion and interactive learning
  • Residents and students only casual "Happy Hour" social events - Friday evenings
  • Residency Didactic Conferences - OPTIONAL participation
    • Students will be invited to join select, representative morning resident didactic conferences and trauma/fracture sign out sessions. Attendance at these conferences will be optional as students schedules allow.
    • Students will also be invited to attend general orthopaedic surgery departmental conferences and other education events as they occur (such as intern surgical skills training sessions).
  • Students will present a 10-minute case based presentation during the rotation - REQUIRED
  • Each student assigned a resident mentor

Application Process

Interested students can apply by submitting the following items to our residency program administrator Bonnie Schuster:

  • CV
  • USMLE scores
  • 250 word maximum paragraph expressing why they want to do the formal virtual rotation experience at our program
  • Accepted will be required to apply through VSAS, and official enrollment will be processed by the Registrar office at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry