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Recent Graduates

2020 Graduates

Ronald Brown, M.D. - Hand and upper extremity fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington

Dahlia Rice, M.D. - Private practice in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Sara Neimanis, M.D. - Cleft and craniofacial fellowship at Children's Hospital of Atlanta

2019 Graduates

Paige Myers, M.D. -  Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

2018 Graduates

Elaina Chen, M.D. - Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Rochester

2017 Graduates

Joseph Khouri, M.D. - Orthopaedic Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at the Mayo School of Graduate Education, Rochester, MN

Oren Mushin, M.D. - Private Practice, Houston, TX

2016 Graduates

Peter Koltz, M.D. - Microsurgery Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania

Chester Mays, M.D. - Private Practice, Louisville, KY

2014 Graduates

Rene Myers , M.D. - Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship, University of Texas Southwestern

Joshua Waltzman, M.D. - Aesthetic Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

2013 Graduates

Jacob Bloom, M.D. - Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Bryson Richards , M.D. - Aesthetic Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

2012 Graduates

Emily Beers, M.D. - Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Marissa Matarrese, M.D. - Hand Fellowship, University of Massachusetts

2011 Graduates

Ronald Bossert, M.D. - Body Contouring Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

Gregory Lakin , M.D. - Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery, University of California Los Angeles

Robert Shaw , M.D. - Private Practice, Springfield, MO

2010 Graduates

Anthony Perrone , M.D. - MGH Hand and Upper Extremity Fellow, Harvard

Hani Sbitany, M.D. - Fellowship in Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery , University of Pennsylvania

2009 Graduates

Patrick Basile, M.D. - Military - Navy, Bethesda, MD

Lan Hua, M.D. - Hand Fellowship, UCLA

2008 Graduates

Christopher Fender, M.D. - Hand Fellowship, Oregon Health and Sciences University, 2008-2009

Sven Sandeen, M.D. - Private practice, Tuscon, AZ

2007 Graduates

Jeffrey Gusenoff, M.D. - Body Contouring Fellowship, 2007-2008, University of Pittsburgh

David Refermat, M.D. - Micro Fellowship, 2007-2008, Yale University Hand

2006 Graduates

Ida Fox, M.D. - Hand Fellowship at Washington University

Jeremy Waldman, M.D. - Breast/Aesthetic Fellowship with Dr. Maxwell in Nashville, TN

2005 Graduates

Joseph Alkon, M.D. - Private practice in New Jersey.

Samuel Roy, M.D., D.D.S - Breast/Aesthetic fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania

2004 Graduates

Shao Jiang, M.D. - Craniofacial fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh

Stephen Vega, M.D. - Microsurgery fellowship at the University of Rochester Medical Center