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Recent Graduates

2017 Graduates

Joseph Khouri, M.D. - Orthopaedic Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at the Mayo School of Graduate Education, Rochester, MN

Oren Mushin, M.D. - Private Practice, Houston TX

2016 Graduates

Peter Koltz, MD - Reconstructive Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania

Chester Mays, MD - Private Practice, Louisville KY

2014 Graduates

Rene Myers , M.D.—Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery Fellowship, University of Texas Southwestern

Joshua Waltzman, M.D.—Aesthetic Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

2013 Graduates

Jacob Bloom, M.D.—Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Bryson Richards , M.D.—Aesthetic Fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

2012 Graduates

Emily Beers, M.D.—Private Practice, Rochester, NY

Marissa Matarrese, M.D.—Hand Fellowship, University of Massachusetts

2011 Graduates

Ronald Bossert, M.D.—Body Contouring Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

Gregory Lakin , M.D.—Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery, University of California Los Angeles

Robert Shaw , M.D.—Private Practice, Springfield, MO

2010 Graduates

Anthony Perrone , M.D.—MGH Hand and Upper Extremity Fellow, Harvard

Hani Sbitany, M.D.—Fellowship in Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery , University of Pennsylvania

2009 Graduates

Patrick Basile, M.D.—Military - Navy, Bethesda, MD

Lan Hua, M.D.—Hand Fellowship, UCLA

2008 Graduates

Christopher Fender, M.D.—Hand Fellowship, Oregon Health and Sciences University, 2008-2009

Sven Sandeen, M.D.—Private practice, Tuscon, AZ

2007 Graduates

Jeffrey Gusenoff, M.D.—Body Contouring Fellowship, 2007-2008, University of Pittsburgh

David Refermat, M.D.—Micro Fellowship, 2007-2008, Yale University Hand

2006 Graduates

Ida Fox, M.D.—Hand Fellowship at Washington University

Jeremy Waldman, M.D.—Breast/Aesthetic Fellowship with Dr. Maxwell in Nashville, TN.

2005 Graduates

Joseph Alkon, M.D.—Private practice in New Jersey.

Samuel Roy, M.D., D.D.S—Breast/Aesthetic fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania

2004 Graduates

Shao Jiang, M.D.—Craniofacial fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh

Stephen Vega, M.D.—Microsurgery fellowship at the University of Rochester Medical Center