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We are a leading force in cancer treatment and research

Participation in research is an integral component of residency training. In addition to benefiting from the extensive knowledge, skills and experience of our faculty, residents enjoy opportunities to learn and work with distinguished faculty mentors on research projects of their choosing.

Research collaboration among our doctors and scientists has become the translational research model of the Wilmot Cancer Center, resulting in strong representation in both published journal articles and at national conferences.

Our faculty's commitment to advanced research has led to their recognition as international leaders of research in:

  • Late effects after radiotherapy
  • Cancer survivorship
  • Quality of life
  • Radiation bioterrorism
  • Treatment of Oligometastases

Residents are afforded six months of dedicated elective time, which may be devoted entirely to research. Residents may choose to work with faculty on retrospective and prospective clinical outcome studies, or opt to take advantage of translation research opportunities. The possibilities for research ideas are only limited by the desires and creativity of each resident.