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Awards & Recognition

Resident Group PhotoAlexis Steinmetz, MD  
AUA Resident Debate Winner Alexis Steinmetz, MD


  • SWIU Resident Travel Award- January 2024 (Awarded to Dr. Laena Hines)
  • AUA Advocacy Summit Resident Travel Award- February 2024 (Awarded to Dr. Laena Hines)
  • ALES Outstanding Author - March 2024 (Awarded to Dr. Karen Doersch)


  • NSAUA Resident Essay Contest- 1st Place- 2023 (Awarded to Dr. Christopher Wandering)
  • Earl Nation Retrospectroscope Award -2023 (Awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Ellis)


  • Society of Women in Urology Travel Award - February 2022 (Awarded to Dr. Karen Doersch)
  • Resident Research Award – University of Rochester Urology - May 2022 (Awarded to Dr. Karen Doersch)
  • NSAUA Resident Debate Winner- 2022 (Awarded to Dr. Christopher Wandering)
  • URMC Inservice Highest Total and Percentile-2022 (Awarded to Dr. Christopher Wandering)
  • Highest URMC Resident Inservice Exam Score- 2022 (Awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Ellis)
  • AUA Resident Bowl Participant- 2022 (Awarded to Dr. Christopher Wandering)


  • American Urological Association Basic Sciences Travel Award - October 2021 (Awarded to Dr. Karen Doersch)
  • NSAUA Resident Essay Prize Contest – 1st Place - October 2021 (Awarded to Dr. Karen Doersch)
  • Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award 2021 (Awarded to Dr. Laena Hines)
  • Highest URMC Resident Inservice Exam Score- 2021 (Awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Ellis)


  • Travel Award ($750) – American Physician Scientists Association - April 2020 (Awarded to Dr. Trevor Hunt)
  • Best Poster Presentation** – AUA Annual Meeting - May 2020 Hunt TC, Ambrose JP, Haaland B, Hanson HA, O’Neil BB. Decision fatigue in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing. Poster presentation at: 2020 Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association, Washington, DC, May 2020 [virtual].
  • Top 5 Most Viewed Abstract – AUA Annual Meeting - May 2020 (Awarded to Dr. Trevor Hunt)
  • NSAUA Resident Essay Prize Contest – 2nd Place - October 2020 (Awarded to Dr. Karen Doersch)
  • URMC Inservice Highest Percentile- 2020 (Awarded to Dr. Christopher Wandering)


  • Experimental Biology and Medicine Outstanding Reviewer Award (Awarded to Dr. Karen Doersch)

Publications from 2019-2024

  1. Dindinger-Hill K, Horns JJ, Ambrose JA, Vehawn J, Choudry MM, Hunt TC, Chipman J, Haaland B, Li J, Hanson HA, O’Neil BB. Effect of health service area on primary care physician provision of low-value cancer screening. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2024. In press.
  2. Choudry MM, Dindinger-Hill K, Ambrose JP, Horns JJ, Vehawn J, Gill H, Murray NZ, Hunt TC, Martin C, Haaland B, Chipman J, Hanson HA, O’Neil BB. Urban relatives ameliorate survival disparities for genitourinary cancer in rural patients. Cancer Medicine. 2024; 13(5): e7058.
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Funded Research Year

The PGY4 research year is fully funded by the urology department. Residents can pursue clinical or bench research projects with a dedicated team of researchers, PhD’s and multidisciplinary faculty during this mentored year.

Clinic and Operative Experience

All urologic subspecialties are represented by fellowship trained faculty members. We now have 2 full time APPs in house to assist with inpatient consults and case coverage as needed to allow residents to fully participate in resident education hours as well as in more interesting/bigger cases/double scrub etc. 

AUA Faculty Early Investigators

Dr Tabayoyong:  Combination Chemotherapy-Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer.

Dr Rajat Jain: Promoting and encouraging self-management of kidney stones via a novel software application.