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Adrianna Hontar and Ji Hae Park meet BatmanOverall Goals

Our philosophy is to provide residents with an educational and training experience that encompasses all aspects of urology and patient- and family-centered care. Our goals and mission are:

  • To provide a foundation in the basic science of urology through an organized curriculum.
  • To provide well rounded clinical experiences that expose the trainee to all aspects of urology
  • To foster confidence and urologic expertise necessary for independent practice in both the academic and community settings
  • To provide a balance of education, service, self teaching/administration and continuity of care
  • To provide the tools and skills necessary to become lifelong learners
  • To provide the skill set necessary to critically appraise scientific literature and incorporate into practice
  • To provide opportunities and experiences in clinical and basic science research



  • 6 months General Surgery
  • 6 months Inpatient Urology including 2 months of Pediatric Urology


  • 6 months General Surgery (Trauma, SICU, BTICU, Transplant)
  • 4 months Pediatric Urology
  • 2 months Endo-Urology


  • 4 months Infertility/Reconstruction
  • 4 months Endo-Urology
  • 4 months General Urology
  • Resident Clinic


  • Research Year
  • Resident Clinic


  • 6 months Complex Urology/Oncology/Open/Lap/Robotic
  • 6 months General Urology
  • Resident Clinic


  • 12 months Complex Urology/Oncology/Open/Lap/Robotics