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Student Perspectives

Linda HasmanLinda Marie Hasman

Home Town: Oswego, NY

Under Graduate School & Major: SUNY Oswego; Psychology

Career Plans: I am currently employed at the University as a medical librarian.  I plan to continue my work in the library, where I feel like I can make an important contribution to medical center’s health literacy efforts.  Limited health literacy is linked to increased medication errors, poorer health outcomes, and higher healthcare costs. My work will focus on how to increase patients’ ability to process and understand health information.

Favorite thing about Rochester: The thing I like best about Rochester is that we have a lot of big city amenities with small town advantages.

Favorite thing about your program: Since I’m already working full-time, I really like the flexibility of the program.

Why did you choose URMC? I chose URMC because I am very interested in prevention and policy. URMC is particularly strong in these areas.

Ian KlecknerIan Robert Kleckner

Home Town: Pittsford, NY

Under Graduate School & Major:

  • BS in Physics in 2006 from University of Rochester
  • MS in Biophysics in 2008 from Ohio State University
  • PhD in Biophysics in 2011 from Ohio State University

Career Plans: My career goal is to study and use exercise for reducing toxicities from cancer and its treatment as an independent investigator.

Favorite thing about Rochester: Easy, hassle-free living (driving, parking, cost of living) and great outdoors activities (hiking, Erie canal trail, etc.)

Favorite thing about your program: Great instructors and synergistic classes that complement each other

Why did you choose URMC? Outstanding research program on studying and using exercise for reducing toxicities from cancer and its treatment.

Kiah Nichole Mayo

Home Town: Las Vegas, NV

Under Graduate School & Major: Arizona State University/Biology: animal physiology and behavior

Career Plans: I’m hoping to get my MD and utilize my MPH to promote preventative care and create initiatives/programs in underserved communities and improving quality of care in hopes to make changes in the overall system.

Favorite thing about Rochester: The amount of history within the city, the smaller town feel and the summer heat. Sighting animals I’ve never seen in the wild before makes my day too.

Favorite thing about your program: The favorite thing about my program is that there are so many remarkable people that I get to work with on a daily basis and learn from.

Why did you choose URMC? I chose URMC because of its accreditation within Public health field, the resources and their commitment to innovation.

Hamid Tofighi

Home Town: Tehran-Iran

Under Graduate School & Major: Shahed Dental School-Dentistry

Career Plans: I hope to establish my private practice as a pediatric dentist also I like to work in academia as a part time faculty.

Favorite thing about Rochester: Beautiful city with kind and respectful people.

Favorite thing about your program: It’s very challenging program and you learn a lot, also this program is very research base that makes it perfect for me.

Why did you choose URMC: URMC is a very well-known university with prestigious faculties and great research back ground.

Julia WestonJulia Weston

Home Town: Webster, New York

Under Graduate School & Major: SUNY Brockport, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, 2004

Career Plans: I am hoping to continue on into the Ph.D. program in Epidemiology here at URMC after I finish my MPH. I plan on applying to the Epidemic Intelligence Service at the CDC after I graduate. My primary research interests include mental health and infectious disease.

Favorite thing about Rochester: I have lived in the Rochester area for most of my life, and I love it here.  We have an abundant, flourishing music community; for example, 18 or 19 local choruses participate in the Greater Rochester Choral Consortium’s biannual Prism Concert.  The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra performs world-class music, and has recently introduced concerts that include music from movies, video games, and cartoons. They’re really making an effort to bring in a younger audience and to show that classical orchestral and vocal music isn’t all about 18th century men in wigs and stockings.

Favorite thing about your program: One of the best things about the MPH program is that it introduces students to a broad and comprehensive view of public health. Students are rigorously trained in the basic public health sciences of biostatistics, epidemiology, social and behavioral health, and environmental health. It also delves into specific aspects of public health practice; there are a lot of electives to choose from!

Why did you choose URMC? For me, it was a combination of location and reputation. The MPH program at URMC is CEPH-accredited, highly respected, and is as flexible as it is academically rigorous. The faculty takes a holistic view of potential students; we are more than just standardized test scores and GPAs. The faculty also encourage a more collaborative method of learning, as opposed to a strictly competitive one. I love it here!