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Student & Postdoc Groups

The myHub Trainee Advisory Committee brings together graduate students, postdoctoral appointees, and CPD staff to strategically discuss professional development opportunities within the School of Medicine and Dentistry.  Past events are evaluated and improved upon, and new initiatives are proposed and brought to fruition.

myHub Trainee Advisory Committee Members:

SMD Graduate Student Society:  Taylor Uccello​

Postdoctoral Association: Jonathan Cheng (AS&E Co-Chair) and Christina Heil (SMD (Co-Chair))

Alliance for Diversity in Science & Engineering (ADSE):  Raven Osborn and Kate Andersh

Graduate Students Raising Families:  Rachel Bonn-Breach and Ashley Nelson

Thinkers & Drinkers:  Ian Krout

UR Science Policy Initiative:  Jimin Han

UR Writing: Alina Denham

Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT): 

Public Health Sciences: Marielle Jensen-Battaglia and Yechu Hua