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Core Competencies

The following table presents our core competencies for Health Services Research Predoctoral Training. The program curriculum ensures that our students are well trained in each of these competencies.

  1. Understand the healthcare system and current areas of health care and health policy research
  2. Understand key theories underlying current explanations for explanations for healthcare phenomena
  3. Identify important and innovative HSR questions
  4. Create and/or use policy-relevant theory-based explanations for health care phenomena and identify corresponding testable implications and/or important parameters for estimation.
  5. Create conceptual and mathematical models to facilitate the investigation of research questions
  6. Identify, develop, and implement the proper study designs, data collection and acquisition approaches, and analytic methods required to answer research questions
  7. Integrate research findings into the current body of knowledge
  8. Professional communication
  9. Effectively work in multi-disciplinary teams
  10. Responsible conduct of research

Required Courses

  • PM 445 - Introduction to Health Services Research
  • PM 421 - THE US HEALTH CARE SYSTEM: Financing, Delivery, Performance
  • PM 456 - Introduction to Health Economics
  • PM483 - Advanced Health Economics
  • PM487 - Fundamentals of Science, Technology and Health Policy
  • PM494 - Health Policy Lab
  • PM430 - Psychology in Health Services Research
  • PM 428 - Research Workshop
  • IND 501 - Ethics in Research
  • PM 463 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • PM 464 - Regression Analysis
  • Methods Elective
  • PM 465 - Advanced Multivariate Analysis
  • PM 412 - Survey Research
  • PM 472 - Measurement and Evaluation of Research Instruments
  • PM 484 - Decision making and Cost Effectiveness
  • PM 422 - Quality of Care and Risk Adjustment
  • PM 431; Stats III: Advanced Models