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Neuroscience Retreat 2018 Poster Presenters

Poster Teasers in Bold

  1. Aby Joseph
    In vivo time-lapse imaging of retinal microglia shows dynamic process motility at rest
  2. Adam Rouse
    Temporal dynamics of reach-to-grasp: Evidence for sequential encoding.
  3. Alexandra McHale
    A more complete picture of cortico-amygdala paths: inclusion of the intermediate basal nucleus
  4. Andres Guevara-Torres
    Population analysis of red blood cell flux in retinal capillaries of mice
  5. Ankani Chattoraj
    Inference by binary sampling as a model for V1 spiking responses
  6. Brendan Whitelaw
    Characterization of microglial P2Y12 expression throughout brain development
  7. Dawling A. Dionisio-Santos
    Ameliorating Alzheimer’s disease through immunomodulation: A novel application for glatiramer acetate
  8. Emily Warner
    Sex differences in behavioral training
  9. Herman Li
    Prion protein in neuroinflammation
  10. Garrick Salois
    Modeling neurodevelopmental iron deficiency
  11. J. Michael Hasse
    Corticogeniculate feedback enhances temporal prevision of LGN relay neurons in a stream-specific manner
  12. Holly Beaulac
    Mechanisms of oxidative stress and outer hair cell death in noise-exposed Foxo3 Knock-Out mice
  13. Jason Atlas
    Characterization of astrogliosis during microglia depletion
  14. Josh Hinkle
    Cranial irradiation causes dendritic spine loss that is microglial complement receptor 3-dependent and associated with cognitive impairment
  15. Karl Foley
    Visualization of PP1-l2 interactions with FRET-FLIM and BiFC
  16. Keshov Sharma
    Topography of projections and collaterization of a subset of projections from the amygdala to the ventromedial and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex in the macaque
  17. Laura Owlett
    Modulating microglial phagocytosis and inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease: investigating a role for Axl
  18. Monique Mendes
    Are microglia replaceable in vivo?
  19. Lauren Hablitz
    Glymphatic fluid influx is under diurnal control
  20. Rianne Stowell
    Noradrenergic modulation of microglial dynamics and synaptic plasticity
  21. Richard Lange
    Neural signatures of inference and task learning in macaque V1
  22. Sabyasachi Shivkumar
    Approximate inference explains paradoxical data in two-event causal inference task
  23. Shraddha Shah
    Effects of prefrontal lesions on auditory working memory
  24. Udaysankar Chockanathan
    High density awake recording of CA1 neurons in APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
  25. Xiaowei Wang
    Ocular glymphatic clearance system, physiological
  26. Yinghui Li
    C/EBP induced VEGF expression regulates neural stem cell proliferation and neurite growth in developing neurons
  27. Humberto Mestre
    Transcranial optical imaging reveals a pathway for optimizing the delivery of immmunotherapeutics to the brain