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Annual Retreat

Memorial Art Gallery

Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Retreat will be conducted online.Zoom icon

Typically held at the Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue, Rochester, New York, the Annual Neurosciences Retreat hosts more than 130 professors and students.

The Retreat is sponsored by the Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP), the University Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies, the Department of Neuroscience, and the Society for Neuroscience Rochester Chapter.

Featured Photos

The Doty Award for excellence

2020 Doty Award Winner
- Rianne Stowell, Ph.D.

Photo of Tania Pasternak winning the annual Shrager Award

2020 Shrager Award
- Tania Pasternak

Photo of the Neuroscience Graduate Program Retreat 2020 Committee Members

2020 Retreat Committee

John O'Donnell  receives the Doty Award for excellence

2018 Doty Award Winner
- John O'Donnell, Ph.D.

Photo of John Olschowka winning the annual Shrager Award

2018 Shrager Award
- John Olschowka

Photo of the Neuroscience Graduate Program Retreat 2018 Committee Members

2018 Retreat Committee: Monique Mendes, Alexandra McHale,
Yungpeng Pang, Kathleen Gates, and Rianne Stowell

Group Photo for 2018 retreat

2018 Neuroscience Retreat