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2022 Poster Presenters

  1. Linh Le
    The role of microglial β2 adrenergic signaling in Alzheimer's disease pathology
  2. Herman Li 
    Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms in a Sterile Acute Lung Injury Model
  3. Allison Murphy
    Rules of connectivity between ferret corticogeniculate and LGN neurons
  4. Michael DuHain 
    Spike Synchrony in the Somatosensory Cortex
  5. Alexandra Strohm 
    In Vivo Imaging of Microglia Following Cranial Irradiation
  6. Luke Shaw 
    Intersectional Optogenetics in the Marmoset Monkey
  7. Yanya Ding 
    Neurophysiology of Auditory Processing in a Mouse Model of Batten Disease
  8. Fei Shang 
    Analysis of pericyte in euglycemic and hyperglycemic mice
  9. Sabrina Mai 
    Effects of Optogenetic Activation of Corticogeniculate Feedback on Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Neurons
  10. Mark Stoessel 
    Mechanisms of cerebellar microglial dynamics
  11. Anjali Sinha 
    Elucidating the role of muscarinic signaling in mammalian vestibular system
  12. Greg Reilly 
    Neurogenetic Mechanisms Underlying Sexually Dimorphic Behavioral States in C. Elegans