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Neuroscience Retreat 2016 Poster Presenters

Poster Teasers in Bold

  1. Pragathi Priyadharsini Balasubramani
    Population analysis of reward regions
  2. Kenneth Henry
    Neural correlates of behavioral frequency discrimination of single-formant stimuli in the budgerigar midbrain
  3. Kevin Mazurek
    Mirror neurons reflect hidden state progressions during a reach, grasp, and manipulate task
  4. Nicole Scott
    Targeting lysosphingolipid-induced lysosomal impairment as a critical point for therapeutic intervention in lysosomal storage disorders
  5. Heng Lin
    SUMO-specific protease 2 is essential for retinal ganglion cell survival
  6. Luisa Davies
    Astrocytes in Parkinson's disease
  7. Jennetta Hammond
    Presynaptic strength is increased by platelet activating factor via PKC, elevated intracellular calcium, and synapsin phosphorylation
  8. Andrew Campbell
    U94 of human herpes virus 6 alters oligodendrocyte precursor cell function
  9. Nicole Peltier
    Optic flow parsing for the computation of object motion during self-motion
  10. Kim Schauder
    Predicting object position from motion cues in autism spectrum disorder
  11. Zhe Maya Wang
    Prospective evaluation involves reactivating neural response patterns associated with outcome monitoring
  12. Habiba Azab
    Comparing and contrasting dorsal and subgenual anterior cingulate cortices in a token-gambling task
  13. Elizabeth Saionz
    Target localization errors in humans with long-standing cortical blindness
  14. Michael Melnick
    Perceptual training alters residual motion processing in V1-damaged humans
  15. Garrett Bunce
    Evaluating neural decoding strategies for robustness and learnability
  16. Julianne Feola
    The role of Transglutaminase 2 in mediating astrocytic viability
  17. Evan McConnell
    Cerebral microcirculatory failure after subarachnoid hemorrhage is reversed by hyaluronidase
  18. Hannah Steinert
    Sex specific maturation of the c. elegans nervous system
  19. Emily Wexler
    TGFß and insulin-like signaling mediate the feeding state-dependent expression of the food chemoreceptor ODR-10 in males
  20. James Feeks
    Cellular-scale fluorescence lifetime imaging of the retina in living mice
  21. Aleta Steevens
    SOX2 is required for inner ear neurogenesis
  22. Felicia Gilels
    Catastrophic hearing loss after noise exposure in Foxo3 knock-out mice
  23. Elissa Wong
    Synaptic dynamics and microglial phenotype in adolescent mice with deficient activity-dependent plasticity after early postnatal high binge ethanol exposure
  24. Xuhui Dong
    The transcription factor Lhx4 is required for retinal rod bipolar cell survival
  25. Rianne Stowell
    Noradrenergic modulation of microglial dynamics and synaptic plasticity
  26. John O’Donnell
    Changes in the interstitial potassium homeostasis within the sleep - wake cycle
  27. Humberto Mestre
    The role of the glymphatic system on amyloid beta distribution
  28. Jenna Glatzer
    SOX2 and progenitor proliferation in the mammalian inner ear
  29. Nguyen Mai
    9-tert-butyl doxycycline inhibits neuronal injury and neutrophil trafficking after global cerebral ischemia
  30. Heather Natola
    Treatment with 4-aminopyridine leads to rapid, sustained improvement following spinal cord injury
  31. Rebecca Rausch
    Cellular proliferation is correlated to morphological progression during murine trabecular meshwork development
  32. Xiaowei Wang
    Oligodendrocyte NKCC1 assists the cleaning of activity induced [K+]o rise
  33. Brittany Szymaniak
    A novel murine model of ataxia-telangiectasia recapitulates white matter defects seen in patients
  34. Xiaoling Xie
    University of Rochester transgenic and gene targeting core facility
  35. Seng-Bum (Michael) Yoo
    Spatially tuned response for both manual and oculomotor movement in dorsal anterior cingulate cortex neuron