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Master's Programs

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Master's Graduate OutcomesGraduates wearing caps and gowns

Below are some examples of post-graduate positions for Master of Arts in Statistics and Master of Science in Biostatistics (formerly called Master of Science in Medical Statistics) program alumni. This listing is not comprehensive and some information may be outdated. If you graduated from our department, we would love to hear from you - please email us at

Master of Arts Alumni Outcome Examples

Entered PhD Programs:

  • University of Rochester - Statistics PhD (R. Lopez '21; J. Sui '16; S. Ma '15; H. Sun '15; X. Lu '14)
  • University of Waterloo - Statistics PhD (S. Wang '18)
  • University of California, San Diego - Biostatistics PhD (J. Liu '16)
  • Virginia Tech - Statistics PhD (Z. Lin '18)
  • Dartmouth College - Quantitative Biomedical Sciences PhD (G. Chen '15)
  • University at Buffalo - Biostatistics PhD (K. Wang '16)
  • Ohio State University - Statistics PhD (J. Peng '16)
  • Emory University - Biostatistics PhD (L. Ge '16)

Entered Workforce, 1st Job Post-Graduation:

  • Statistician at USAID Data Services (J. Battaglia '20)
  • Big Data Engineer at Weidai (T. Yin '17)
  • Risk Analyst at China Rapid Finance (R. Zhang '17)
  • Statistical Programmer at Brightech International (T. Lei '16)

Master of Science Alumni Recent Position Examples

  • Data Analyst at University of Rochester
  • Statistical Programmer at Everest Clinical Research
  • Biostatistician at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Medical Student (MD program) at Penn State College of Medicine
  • Physician in Radiation Oncology at Penn Medicine / Chester County Hospital
  • Emergency Medicine Resident at University of Rochester School of Medicine
  • Associate Professor at University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Associate Faculty at University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Senior Statistician at Levine Cancer Institute
  • Research Associate Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Professor at Florida State University
  • Senior Data Analyst at
  • Senior Associate Faculty at University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Senior Systems Engineer at Leidos
  • Head of Health Economics Outcomes Research Director at Fulcrum Therapeutics

Student & Alumni Networking Opportunity

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