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Completed Statistics PhD Dissertations


"A Quantile-Based Robust P-value Combination Method with Applications in High-Throughput Data Analysis"
Student: Y. Gu
Advisor: X. Qiu

"A Series of Novel Ensemble Procedures with Tree Learners"
Student: M. Corsetti
Advisor: T. Love

"Model-Based Clustering of Longitudinal Data in High Dimensions"
Student: L. Yang
Advisor: T. Wu

"Bayesian Latent Variable Models for Multiple Exposures with Unknown Group Memberships"
Student: A. Zavez
Advisor: S. Thurston

"Generalized Reduced Rank Correlation Structure in Statistical Inference and Multi-Type Data Integration"
Student: J. Sui
Advisor: X. Qiu


"A Novel Variable Selection Procedure in Biomedical Research"
Student: B. Wang
Advisor: C. Feng

"Model Selection and Variable Selection for Mixtures of Factor Analyzers"
Student: X. Lu
Advisor: T. Love

"Methods for Improving Efficiency in Clinical Trials"
Student: S. Ma
Advisors: M. McDermott and D. Oakes

"Statistical Methods for Treatment Evaluation with Application to Longitudinal Studies"
Student: H. Sun
Advisors: B. Johnson and A. Ertefaie

"Statistical Methods for qPCR Data Near the Limit of Detection"
Student: V. Sherina
Advisors: M. McCall and T. Love

"Conditional Tests for Multivariate One-sided Hypotheses with Missing Data"
Student: M. Majumder
Advisor: M. McDermott

"Novel Statistical Methods for Gene Set Enrichment Analysis with Empirical Memberships for Overlapping Genes"
Student: Y. Zhang
Advisors: X. Qiu and J. Thakar

"Finite Mixtures of Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models for Longitudinal Data"
Student: C. Chen
Advisors: S. Thurston and O. Hyrien

"Mixed-Membership and Spatial Models for Social Network Data"
Student: J. Ciminelli
Advisor: T. Love

"Bayesian Model-Based Clustering Methods: Procedures for Data with Unknown Numbers of Clusters"
Student: A. LaLonde
Advisor: T. Love

"Local Cross-Validated Smoothing Parameter Estimation for Linear Smoothers"
Student: K. Grzesik
Advisor: D. Peterson

"Bayesian Semiparametric Measurement Error Models: Estimation, Variable Selection and Fast Algorithms"
Student: C. Liu
Advisor: S. Thurston

"Global Tests for Multiple Outcomes in Randomized Trials"
Student: D. Hebert
Advisor: M. McDermott

"Variable Selection Methods for Model-Based Clustering: Procedures for Functional Data and Bayesian Inference"
Student: K. Singh
Advisor: T. Love

"Theory and Application of the Mode Centric M-Gaussian Distribution"
Student: Z. Yu
Advisor: G. Mudholkar

"Missing Data in Meta-Analysis"
Student: A. Chowdhry
Advisor: M. McDermott

"A New Class of Functional Response Models for Robust Regression Analysis"
Student: T. Chen
Advisor: X. Tu

"Generalized Semiparametric Linear Mixed-Effects Models"
Student: C. Xia
Advisors: H. Liang and S. Thurston

"Threshold Boolean Network Inference and Experimental Designs"
Student: T. Tran
Advisor: A. Almudevar

"Composite Likelihood Inference for Multivariate Finite Mixture Models and Application to Flow Cytometry"
Student: F. Ma
Advisors: O. Hyrien and X. Tu


"New Semiparametric Methods for Clustered Time-to-Event Data"
Student: Y. Han
Advisors: C. Feng and X. Tu

"Order Restricted Analysis of Covariance with Interactions"
Student: J. Morrissette
Advisor: M. McDermott

"Hypothesis Testing Problems Involving Order Restricted Parameters"
Student: X. Zhang
Advisors: M. McDermott and G. Mudholkar

"Model Selection and Model Averaging for Longitudinal Data with Applications in Personalized Medicine"
Student: H. Yang
Advisor: H. Liang

"Extensions to Model-Based Clustering for Mixed-Type Data:  A New Model Framework, Variable Selection, and Outlier Identification"
Student: K. Evans
Advisors: T. Love and S. Thurston

"Single-index Model with Application in Estimation of ODE and Gene Regulatory Network"
Student: Y. Yu
Advisor: H. Liang

"A New Class of Structural Functional Response Models for Causal Inference and Mediation Analysis"
Student: P. Wu
Advisor: X. Tu

"State Space Models and Differential Equations for Dynamic Gene Regulatory Network Identifications"
Student: J. Chen
Advisor: H. Wu

"A Flexible Copula Model for Bivariate Survival Data"
Student: Z. Chen
Advisors: D. Oakes and O. Hyrien

"Some Contributions to the Theory and Applications of R-Symmetry"
Student: S. Awadalla
Advisors: G. Mudholkar and M. McDermott

"Penalized Variable Selection for Semiparametric Regression Models"
Student: X. Liu
Advisor: H. Liang

"A Class of Distribution-free Models for Longitudinal Mediation Analysis"
Student: D. Gunzler
Advisor: X. Tu

"ODE Based Statistical Models for Dynamic Gene Regulatory Network Identification"
Student: T. Lu
Advisor: H. Wu

"Non-Informative Priors for Structural Inference in Bayesian Networks"
Student: J. LaCombe
Advisor: A. Almudevar

"Estimation, Model Checking and Diagnostics, and Identifiability in Finite Mixture Models for Point Mass Data: Methods in a Bayesian Framework"
Student: M. Lynch
Advisor: S. Thurston

"Distribution-free Models for Latent Population Mixtures"
Student: H. Zhang
Advisor: X. Tu


"Residual Diagnostic Methods for Bayesian Structural Equation Models"
Student: A. Stokes-Riner
Advisor: S. Thurston

"Distribution-free Models for Longitudinal Count Data"
Student: Q. Yu
Advisor: X. Tu

"Empirical Likelihood-Based Inference for Multiple Regression and Treatment Comparison"
Student: H. Su
Advisor: H. Liang

"Subset Selection for High-Dimensional Data, with Applications to Gene Array Data"
Student: A. Pearson
Advisor: D. Peterson

"The Correlation Structure of Microarray Data and Its Statistical Implications"
Student: L. Chen
Advisors: A. Yakovlev and A. Almudevar

"Inference for Instrument Reliability and Rater Agreement within a Multi-rater and Longitudinal Data Setting"
Student: Y. Ma
Advisor: X. Tu

"Correcting Verification Bias in the Assessment of the Accuracy of Diagnostic Tests"
Student: H. He
Advisors: M. McDermott and L. Huang

"Some Skew Models for Quantal Response Analysis"
Student: L. Georger
Advisor: G. Mudholkar

"R-symmetry and Applications"
Student: H. Wang
Advisor: G. Mudholkar

"Stochastic Curtailment in Multi-Armed Trials"
Student: X. He
Advisor: D. Oakes

"Statistical Analysis of Medical Cost and Quality-Adjusted Lifetime with Censored Data"
Student: H. Wang
Advisor: H. Zhao

"Receiver Operating Characteristic Surfaces: Inference and Applications"
Student: C. Beck
Advisor: M. McDermott


"A Study of Two Consistent Tests of Bivariate Independence and Some Applications"
Student: G. Wilding
Advisor: G. Mudholkar

"Some Issues in the Analysis of Cross-over Trials: Order-restricted Inference and Survival Methods"
Student: S. Eapen
Advisor: M. McDermott

"Combining Stratified and Unstratified Log-rank Tests for Correlated Survival Data"
Student: C. Feng
Advisor: D. Oakes

"Parameter Estimation in Bivariate Copula Models"
Student: A. Wang
Advisor: D. Oakes

"Inference Procedures for the Inverse Gaussian Models and the Gaussian, Inverse Gaussian Analogies"
Student: L. Tian
Advisor: G. Mudholkar

"Order Restricted Inference Using Dependent Contrasts"
Student: J. Kost
Advisors: M. McDermott and G. Mudholkar

"Design and Analysis of Triangular Stopping Boundaries for Brownian Motion"
Student: P. Huang
Advisor: W.J. Hall