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Statistics PhD Students

Aaron Wagner

Aaron WagnerEmail Aaron

Entered PhD Program: 2018

Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Undergraduate Education: Viterbo University, Majors: Mathematics and Physics

Current Research Focus: Hierarchies of Variability in Single Cell Data


Akhil Bandreddi

No Photo AvailableEmail Akhil

Entered PhD program: 2023

Undergraduate Education: American University, Majors: Applied Mathematics and International Studies




Christian Hammond

Hammond profile photoEmail Christian

Entered PhD program: 2021

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Undergraduate Education: University of Edinburgh, Major: Mathematics and Statistics



Cuong Pham

Pham Email Cuong

Entered PhD program: 2019

Hometown: Hai Phong, Vietnam

Undergraduate Education: Roosevelt University, Major: Actuarial Science, Minor: Business

Graduate Education: Loyola University Chicago, Master of Science: Applied Statistics

Current Research Focus: Sensitivity Analysis for Constructing Optimal Treatment Regimes in the Presence of Noncompliance and Two Active Treatment Options | Thesis Advisor: Dr. Ashkan Ertefaie

David Skrill

SkrillEmail David

Entered PhD program: 2019

Undergraduate Education: Oberlin College and Conservatory, Majors: Economics (Mathematical Economics Concentration) & Cello Performance, Minor: Philosophy

Graduate Education: University of Rochester, Master of Music: Cello Performance and Literature

Current Research Focus: New Methods for Leveraging Encoding Models to Understand the Computations and Organization of Language Processing in the Human Brain | Thesis Advisor: Dr. Samuel Norman-Haignere

Dino de Raad

profile photoEmail Dino

Entered PhD program: 2021

Hometown: Sammamish, Washington

Undergraduate Education: University of Washington, Major: Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences: Scientific Computation and Numerical Algorithms



Eli Sun

No Photo AvailableEmail Eli

Entered PhD program: 2023

Undergraduate Education: University of Rochester, Major: Statistics





Hannah Swan

No Photo AvailableEmail Hannah

Entered PhD program: 2020

Hometown: Aurora, Ohio

Undergraduate Education: Hamilton College, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry



Haotian (Alex) Guo

Alex Guo profile photoEmail Alex

Entered PhD program: 2022

Hometown: Shandong, China

Undergraduate Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Majors: Mathematics & Statistics and Analytics



Jonathan Klus

KlusEmail Jonathan

Entered PhD program: 2020

Hometown: Long Beach, New York

Undergraduate Education: Cornell University, Major: Applied Economics & Management

Graduate Education: Duke University, Master of Science: Statistical Science

Josh Marvald

Student profile photoEmail Josh

Entered PhD program: 2021

Undergraduate Education: St. Lawrence University, Majors: Mathematics and Statistics, Minor: Economics




Luke McHan

McHanEmail Luke

Entered PhD program: 2020

Hometown: Haughton, Louisiana

Undergraduate Education: University of Louisiana at Monroe, Major: Mathematics

Marty Cole

Martin ColeEmail Marty

Entered PhD Program: 2018

Hometown: Norwich, England

Undergraduate Education: The Open University, Major: Engineering

Current Research Focus: Surface-Based Cortical Registration and Analysis of Connectivity Functions | Thesis Advisors: Drs. Zhengwu Zhang and Xing Qiu

Meherab Hossain

Meherab Hossain profile photoEmail Meherab

Entered PhD program: 2022

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Undergraduate Education: Clark University, Major: Mathematics, Minors: Physics & Data Science


Nathan Provost

No Photo AvailableEmail Nathan

Entered PhD program: 2023

Undergraduate Education: Brown University, Majors: Statistics and Applied Mathematics




Qiuyi Wu

Qiuyi WuEmail Qiuyi

Entered PhD program: 2019

Hometown: Suzhou, China

Undergraduate Education: Donghua University, Majors: Finance & Economics

Graduate Education: Rochester Institute of Technology, Master of Science: Applied Statistics

Current Research Focus: Image Processing with Optimally Designed Parabolic Partial Differential Equations | Thesis Advisor: Dr. Xing Qiu

Ricardo Lopez Candelaria

Profile photo of studentEmail Ricardo

Entered PhD program: 2021

Hometown: San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

Undergraduate Education: University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla, Major: Environmental Technology

Graduate Education: University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, Master of Science: Mathematical Statistics

Current Research Focus: Functional Data Analysis and Parameter Estimation Methods for Systems of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations | Thesis Advisor: Dr. Xing Qiu

Robert Beblavy

Robert BeblavyEmail Robert

Entered PhD program: 2020

Undergraduate Education: Binghamton University, Majors: Mathematical Sciences & Mathematical Physics




Samantha Manning

ManningEmail Samantha

Entered PhD program: 2020

Hometown: Frisco, Texas

Undergraduate Education: University of Southern California, Major: Mathematics

Graduate Education: University of Texas at Dallas, Master of Science: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


Sami Leon

SamiEmail Sami

Entered PhD program: 2019

Hometown: Montpellier, France

Undergraduate Education: University of Montpellier, Majors: Mathematics & Physics

Graduate Education: University of Paris-Saclay, Master of Applied Mathematics

Current Research Focus: High-Dimensional Semiparametric Mixed-Effects Model | Thesis Advisor: Dr. Tong Tong Wu


TJ Weaver

No Photo AvailableEmail TJ

Entered PhD program: 2023

Undergraduate Education: Rochester Institute of Technology, Majors: Applied Statistics and Actuarial Science and Economics, Minor: American Politics




Willi Artman

William ArtmanEmail Willi

Entered PhD program: 2016

Undergraduate Education: University of Rochester, Major: Mathematics, Minor: Japanese

Current Research Focus: Design and Analysis of Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials and the Construction of Dynamic Treatment Regimes | Thesis Advisors: Drs. Ashkan Ertefaie and Brent Johnson


Xinyue (Shirley) Mao

Xinyue Mao profile photoEmail Shirley

Entered PhD program: 2022

Hometown: Fujian, China

Undergraduate Education: Syracuse University, Major: Mathematics



Xinzhu (Claire) Wang

Claire Wang profile photoEmail Claire

Entered PhD program: 2022

Hometown: Anshan, China

Undergraduate Education: University of Wisconsin - Madison, Major: Molecular Biology

Graduate Education: Emory University, Master of Science in Public Health: Biostatistics

Zachary Brehm

ZachEmail Zachary

Entered PhD program: 2017

Undergraduate Education: State University of New York, College at Potsdam, Majors: Mathematics & Music Performance and Music Business

Graduate Education: State University of New York, College at Potsdam, Master of Arts: Mathematics and Master of Music: Music Performance

Current Research Focus: Statistical Methods for RNA-seq Data: Deconvolution of Bulk Tissue RNA-seq to Estimate Tissue Composition | Thesis Advisor: Dr. Matthew McCall

Zhining Sui

No Photo AvailableEmail Zhining

Entered PhD program: 2023

Undergraduate Education: McGill University, Majors: Mathematics and Biology, Minor: Computer Science

Graduate Education: University of Washington, Master of Science: Biostatistics


Statistics MA & Biostatistics MS Students

  • Hao Zhang (Southern University of Science and Technology: Statistics)
  • Honghong Liu (South China Normal University: Financial Mathematics)
  • Hongzhe Xu (Lanzhou University: Mathematics & Applied Mathematics)
  • Josh Geiger (University of Rochester: Biochemistry & Chemistry; MD Program)
  • Kevin Spath (State University of New York at Oswego: Biology)
  • Konnor Herbst (Williams College: Mathematics)
  • Xingyi Lu (Renmin University of China: Mathematics & Applied Mathematics)
  • YiTong Zhang (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology: Management Science)
  • Yuntian Meng (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics: Data Science & Big Data Technology)
  • Zhili He (Chongqing Normal University: Statistics)