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Faculty of the department have played major roles in important breakthroughs in medical research at Rochester. Examples include the better understanding of the role of calcium channel blockers in treating patients who have had a heart attack, demonstration of both the clinical effectiveness and the cost effectiveness of implantable defibrillators in reducing mortality among certain heart disease patients, demonstration of the effectiveness of deprenyl in slowing onset of disability in early Parkinson’s disease, demonstration of the benefit of surfactant therapy for respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants, demonstration of the benefits and risks of early surgical therapy for drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy, and an ongoing epidemiologic study of the assessment of the effects of low levels of dietary mercury intake on childhood development. 

Faculty are currently involved in wide-ranging collaborative activity with the Environmental Health Sciences Center, the Cancer Center, the Center for Neurotherapeutics Discovery, the Center for Health and Technology, the Center for Oral Biology, the Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center, the School of Nursing, and the Departments of Medicine, Neurology, Public Health Sciences, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, and Biomedical Genetics. The department houses Biostatistics Centers for the Parkinson’s Study Group, Huntington’s Study Group, Muscle Study Group, Neuro-Ophthalmology Research Disease Investigator Consortium, and Tourette’s Syndrome Study Group and is responsible for the statistical analysis of many recent and ongoing multicenter clinical trials of new treatments for those diseases. This environment is ideally suited for collaborative research and consulting.

Methodologic and collaborative interests of our graduate research advisors are shown below.


Changyong FengChangyong Feng, PhD

University of Rochester


Multivariate survival analysis; empirical processes theory; longitudinal data analysis; statistical methods in epidemiology and clinical trials.   Full Profile

Brent A. Johnson, Ph.D.Brent Johnson, PhD

North Carolina State University


Semi-parametric methods for missing data problems with specific applications to causal inference, survival and longitudinal data; dynamic treatment regimes in therapeutic HIV and AIDS studies, infusion trials, neurological and behavioral disorders; pattern analysis in HIV prevention; statistical methods for epidemiology. Full Profile of Brent Johnson, PhD

Mike McDermottMichael McDermott, PhD

Ph.D. Program Director; ASA Fellow
University of Rochester


Order-restricted inference; receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and surfaces; methods for combining p-values; meta-analysis; missing data problems; clinical trials methodology; applications in neurological disease. Full Profile of Michael McDermott, PhD

David OakesDavid Oakes, PhD

ASA Fellow
London University


Survival analysis, including multivariate survival data and frailty models; semiparametric inference; clinical trials; applications in environmental medicine and neurological disease.  Full Profile of David Oakes, PhD

Derick PetersonDerick Peterson, PhD

University of California, Berkeley


Construction of prognostic gene expression profiles from high-dimensional microarray data; model selection; nonparametric estimation and inference; data-driven smoothing methods; analysis of censored survival data. Full Profile of Derick Peterson, PhD

Xing QiuXing Qiu, PhD

University of Rochester


High-dimensional Omics data pre-processing, analyses, modeling, and integration; diffusion tensor imaging analysis; dynamic network analysis based on ordinary differential equations and state-space model; differential geometry and its applications to hypothesis testing procedures based on correlation/covariance. Full Profile of Xing Qiu, PhD

Robert Strawderman, ScD, Harvard University (Department Chair)Robert Strawderman, ScD

Department Chair; ASA Fellow
Harvard University


Survival analysis; statistical inference for point process data (e.g., recurrent events); statistical methods for risk and outcome prediction in medicine, epidemiology and public health; statistical and computational methods for high dimensional data; statistical methods for evaluating the cost and quality of health care; asymptotics (theory and approximation); statistical computing. Full Profile of Robert Strawderman, ScD

Associate Professors

Anthony AlmudevarAnthony Almudevar, PhD

University of Toronto


Genetics and bioinformatics, especially in the area of graphical modelling, with applications to cellular networks and population biology; optimization and control theory, particularly in the area of Markov decision processes; analysis of technological motion data, particularly data collected from home monitoring systems. Full Profile of Anthony Almudevar, PhD

Christopher BeckChristopher Beck, PhD

University of Rochester


Inference concerning receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and surfaces; change-point problems; clinical trials; applications in orthopedics and neurological disease.  Full Profile


Ashkan ErtefaieAshkan Ertefaie, PhD

McGill University


Causal inference; dynamic treatment regimes; sequential multiple assignment randomized trials; comparative effectiveness studies using electronic health records; instrumental variable analyses; high-dimensional data analysis; post selection inference; survival analysis.  Full Profile

of Christopher Beck, PhD

of Changyong Feng, PhTanzy LoveTanzy Love, PhD

Iowa State University


Clustering and latent variable models; mixed membership models and model choice; normalization and preprocessing issues relating to gene expression and proteomics data; Bayesian models for QTLs and growth curves; hierarchical Bayesian models for gene expression data; scalable parallel model-based clustering. Full Profile of Tanzy Love, PhD

Matthew McCallMatthew McCall, PhD

Ph.D. Program Associate Director
Johns Hopkins University


Statistical genomics; systems biology;  bioinformatics; methods to estimate gene regulatory networks involved in cancer; within-subject genomic heterogeneity; methods for preprocessing and analysis of genomic data;  effect of cellular composition on tissue-level gene expression. Full Profile of Matthew McCall, PhD

Sally ThurstonSally Thurston, PhD

ASA Fellow
Harvard University


Modeling multiple outcomes; methods of correcting for measurement error bias; exposure assessment; non-parametric smoothing; Bayesian inference; informative prior specification; latent variable models; applications in environmental health. Full Profile of Sally Thurston, PhD

Tong Tong WuTongtong Wu, PhD

M.A. Statistics Program Director
M.S. Biostatistics Program Director

University of California, Los Angeles


High-dimensional data analysis; survival analysis; machine learning; computational statistics; computational biology and statistical genetics; longitudinal data analysis.  Full Profile of Tongtong Wu, PhD

Assistant Professors

 of Ashkan Ertefaie, P

Andrew McDavidAndrew McDavid, PhD

University of Washington


Single cell gene expression; zero-inflated models; high dimensional estimation; convex optimization; applied Bayesian modeling; immunology; bioinformatics and computing. Full Profile


of Andrew McDavid, PhD

Michael SohnMichael Sohn, PhD

University of Arizona


Mediation analysis; causal inference; high-dimensional data analysis; statistical machine learning; compositional data analysis; multivariate data analysis; statistical genomics and metagenomics. Full Profile of Michael Sohn, PhD

of Zhengwu Zhang, PhD