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Student Perspectives

Living in Rochester, New York

rochester"Rochester is an incredibly friendly city with tons of diverse delicious food. The surrounding area has numerous beautiful hikes and fun little cities to visit around the Finger Lakes. You also don't have to leave the city for things to do. Rochester is full of parks, trails, breweries, wineries, and even a beach!"

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Favorite thing about the program

program"I feel like our department really nurtures us to get through graduate school, to get to the point where we feel that we are ready to go to the real world and feel comfortable in academia or feel comfortable in industry."

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Studying at the University of Rochester

graduate and advisor"Our program is unique in the way that it is a degree in statistics, but it’s also a biostatistics and computational biology department. For me, that was very important. Being able to have the flexibility to work in an applied medical center setting but also making sure you learn and take those really theoretical and fundamental courses that can open doors to a large variety of places."

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What to expect in your first year and beyond

awards"My first semester was extremely rewarding. The content was very intriguing to struggle with, and in the end, I was able to see how much I had learned in one semester. It's incredible that you can learn so much in such a short period of time if you have the right resources and professors around you."

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Advice for prospective students

students"Come into the program with an open mind regarding what you ultimately want your research focus to be."

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