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Studying at UR

Why did you choose the University of Rochester?Students sitting at table in front of SMD entrance

  • "UR is known for its strong program in (bio)statistics. In the interview weekend, I had chance to meet with students and faculty in the department. They were friendly, fun, and working on many different fascinating research projects."
  • "I wanted a degree in statistics rather than a degree in biostatistics but still have exposure to biostatical applications and fields."
  • "UR has a very positive atmosphere for graduate students to develop their research work. It is a very collaborative and friendly working environment."
  • "I chose UR because they offer a statistics degree closely integrated with the medical center."
  • "Our department is a part of the UR Medical Center, and students can apply their knowledge of statistics to a wide variety of applications. I like learning new things and interacting with investigators from different fields of science. I felt that the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology would give me this opportunity to fulfill both of my desires."
  • "I chose UR because they do amazing research here."
  • "Being from the area originally, I am familiar with the University of Rochester's fantastic reputation. After doing a bit of digging into the program, I found that several of the faculty members have very similar research interests to my own. This coupled with the proximity to home made it an easy decision."
  • "Interview weekend! The school, city, and faculty in the department left a very positive impression on me, which was maintained as I began classes."
  • "I wanted a statistics program with a focus on medical rather than business or economic applications, and I think that the UofR is the best place for such a program. Furthermore, the staff and faculty were incredibly helpful, giving excellent and thoughtful answers to any questions I had before I applied."
  • "It's a great place to earn a solid theoretical background while having access to plenty of real data to do application and many outstanding scholars in other fields to collaborate." Student jumping up with library in background
  • "I chose UR mostly because of the diverse research areas and collaborative research environment."
  • "When I was comparing this school to some other schools, I liked how the department is structured and how the student workspaces are right alongside the faculty offices and everything is very collaborative and cohesive."
  • "The support and community within the department I saw during the interview weekend convinced me UR was the right place for me."
  • "I like that it has some traditional statistics rigor, but is within a medical center."
  • "I didn’t want to close any doors. With the degree, you can work in finance or for a pharmaceutical company or pretty much any area."
  • "I was looking for a challenge and this looked like a great environment to gain research experience."
  • "I was impressed by the professors, small size of program, and opportunities for application."
  • "I liked that at UR the training consists of teaching and consulting work, which ensures that I'll be well-equipped to enter into either industry or academia after graduation. I also came from a small undergrad program with an emphasis placed on collaboration among peers and I wanted that same experience in graduate school."