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Khang HuynhKhang Huynh
President 2021-Present, Vice President 2021, Deputy Director of Community Outreach and Communication 2019- 2020Email Khang

Khang is a graduate student in the Biomedical Engineering program. His research involves developing imaging tools to assess metabolism in the retina for earlier detection of diseases such as glaucoma and retinal degeneration.

Wesley ChiangWesley Chiang
Vice President 2021-Present, Secretary 2020 – 2021
Email Wesley

Wesley is a graduate student in the Biophysics, Structural, and Computational Biology program. His current research is focused on increasing the sensitivity and resolution of single molecule biophysical experiments using quantum dots as probes.

mary moranMary Moran
Director of Communication, 2021-Present
Email Mary

Mary is an MPH student and a PhD candidate in the Immunology, Microbiology and Virology program. Her research studies how S. aureus colonization on the skin increases susceptibility to viral infections.

Rachel PiselliRachel Piselli
Treasurer, 2021-Present
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Rachel is currently a 4th year PhD candidate in the lab of Benoit Biteau working on post-embryonic morphogenesis of smooth muscle and the role of transcription factors during this process. She considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on her academic foundations in genetic and cellular/developmental biology and motivate scientists to be involved with policy regardless of current role or career trajectory.

Emily RobinsonEmily Robinson
Secretary, 2021 – Present
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Emily is a PhD student in the Biophysics, Structural, and Computational Biology program. She is a member of Alan Grossfield’s laboratory and her current research involves using molecular dynamics to develop therapeutics for opioid overdose.

Past Leadership

Jimin Han: President 2020-2021, Vice President 2019 – 2020, founding member

Sydney Simpson: Treasurer 2019 – 2021

Nazish Jeffery: President: 2019 – 2020, founding member

Nick Battaglia: Secretary 2019 - 2020

Alina Denham: Deputy Director of Internal Affairs 2019 – 2020, founding member

Rebecca Lowery: Deputy Director of Development and Coordination 2019 - 2020