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Current Projects

Prevention Programs

Program/Event Description Target Population
Habitat for Humanity home safety visits Provide safety walk through and supply age appropriate safety items and information for low-income homeowners. Habitat for Humanity home owners
Rochester Parent Network Taped safety tips for local parent television show. Monroe County Parents
Bike Rodeos Working with Office of Traffic Safety to provide Bike Rodeos at the summer City Parks and Recreation camps. Children
Safe Crib and Car Seat Project home safety visits Provide safety walk through and age appropriate safety items and information to program participants. Low-income mothers of newborns
Helmet Distribution Provide helmets to those with wheeled sport injuries in the Emergency Dept. Also provide helmets through our home safety visits Children
Pediatric Residents Workshop; EM Residents 3 hour workshop on injury prevention at the Healthy Home to pediatric residents as part of their medical education. Will repeat annually. Doctors in training
Victim Intervention Committee Hospital and community committee to address violence in teens
Safe Teen Driving Working with Allstate, Trauma Dept. and Office of Traffic Safety to develop Safe Teen driving program Teens

Community Outreach Programs

Program/Event Description Target Population
Public Relations Give expert advice on safety and injury prevention through various media outlets. Provide Injury prevention releases every 2 months in conjunction with public relations dept. General Public
Bulletin Boards Provide up to date health and safety information for families of children when they visit the emergency department. Families in the Pediatric ED waiting room
4th Year University of Rochester Medical Students in CHIC course Work with students on their 4 week community project elective on injury prevention Medical students
Community Health Fairs Provide safety information and items to health fair participants Health fair participants
General Education IFCK Staff has provided numerous regional and local lectures on injury prevention when requested. This includes workshop/conferences, lectures to graduate students, classes in MPH program, training sessions for outreach workers Health Care Providers, Outreach Workers, Students
Healthy Home FCKR is on the advisory board of the Healthy Home. We attend meetings, provide injury prevention information to community, network with other members Everyone interested in having a healthy home

Developing Programs

Program/Event Description Target Population
Car Seat Project Developing Strong Memorial Hospital program to assist new parents with car seat installation. Families of newborns
Medical Student Education Developing injury prevention/safety workshop for educating medical students similar to workshop for pediatric residents. Physicians in training
Hospital -Wide Closed Circuit Television Interested in providing safety videos for SMH closed circuit television for patients to watch. Patients at Strong Memorial Hospital
“Train the Trainer” Looking into working with Baby Love Program on training outreach workers ORW/families