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Strong Memorial Hospital

Strong Emergency Department

Strong Memorial Hospital's renovated Emergency Department (ED), an international model for modern emergency departments, officially opened its doors in March of 2001. Most recently, the ED has been enhanced and expanded with two state-of-the-art additions: A Burn-Trauma ICU and Pediatric Intensive Care/Pediatric Cardiac Care ICUs. In addition, we house the world's only in-hospital Ronald McDonald House, located above the Pediatric ICU.

The ED contains approximately 120 beds. It incorporates several different interconnected sections, which allows extra volume to be absorbed without overwhelming the ED as a whole. Areas include:

  • South Side (for minor injuries and illness)
  • Pediatrics
  • Trauma/Critical Care
  • Adult East (for patients awaiting inpatient beds)
  • Adult West
  • Observation
  • Emergency Psychiatry


A helicopter landing pad is located on the roof of the hospital, with direct elevator access to the ED for our most critical incoming patients.

There are two entrances, both staffed by security personnel. The EMS entrance way is within easy access to the Trauma/Critical Care Bay, and there is an isolated entrance room for HAZ/MAT and bioterrorism decontamination. A dedicated elevator runs from the 9th-floor helipad (pictured above) to the back of the Trauma/Critical Care bay.

The Adult East and West sections of the ED consist of a kidney-shaped area that has the appearance of a racetrack. Patient rooms are located on the outside wall of the oval, with an elevated central area for health care staff. Almost all of the rooms are visible from this central work area, and the monitors in each room are continuously viewed from this central location. In addition, there are two special rooms for obstetrical and gynecologic treatment and evaluation that afford patients the utmost privacy.


The Pediatric Emergency Department is run by the Department of Emergency Medicine. It is staffed by both Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship trained attendings. Dedicated Peds-EM nurses provide specialized, high-quality pediatric emergency care. The department is shaped in a semi-circular design, enabling staff to visually monitor every room from a central work area. To keep young patients occupied, a DVD/television is included in each room. What's more, child-life specialists provide access to toys and books and dispense plenty of TLC to distract and entertain children while they are in our care.

The most remarkable section of the ED is the large "gymnasium-style" Trauma/Critical Care Bay, containing seven large treatment rooms. The facility is commensurate with Strong Memorial Hospital's status as a Regional Trauma Center. It is staffed around the clock with a 2nd or 3rd year EM resident, 2-3 nurses, and a patient care tech. Each trauma bay is stocked with all major equipment necessary for a major trauma or medical emergency. Two of the trauma bays are equipped with overhead radiology. Additionally, two CT and other radiology suites are readily accessible at the rear of the bay through a sliding door. There is ample room in these bays to accommodate portable ultrasound, as well as ventilators and teams involved in major resuscitations.

Along with an expanded 24-bed Observation Unit, the second floor houses the Community Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP), where emergency outpatient psychiatric care is given. Staff offices and conference rooms are also located on the second floor.

EMergency Dept map

Map of emergency department at Strong Memorial Hospital

Highland Hospital

Highland Hospital Emergency Department

The Wolk Emergency Department at Highland Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility staffed by physicians specially trained and highly experienced in emergency medicine. These professionals work closely with a dedicated and talented team of physician assistants, nurses, and patient care technicians to provide the very best care.

Strong West

Strong West

Strong West opened its doors in 2013 on the former Lakeside Memorial Hospital campus on West Avenue. A talented team from our Emergency Medicine Department helped create a first-of-its-kind, offsite Emergency Room, a new model of care in New York state. Providing emergency coverage for the area was the No. 1 priority of UR Medicine, to ensure patients once cared for at Lakeside had access to vital health care services within their local community.  The facility's services have grown quickly, creating a hub of UR Medicine health providers, including care offered by the Ambulatory Surgery Center staff, Imaging, Labs, UR Medicine Heart and Vascular, Primary Care, Orthopaedics, and the Wilmot Cancer Institute.

FF Thompson Health

FF Thompson

The Hawks Emergency Department is a New York State–designated Stroke Center, and was awarded the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines Stroke Gold Plus Achievement Award in 2017 for commitment to excellence in stroke care.

The Emergency Department has a “hub” design with the medical staff unit in the center and its 24 patient rooms arranged in a circle around it, keeping caregivers close to patients. There are four nurse’s stations where nurses and technicians work as teams assigned to specific patient rooms, allowing them to provide the most responsive care possible. Thompson’s E.D. treats approximately 28,000 patients annually.

Noyes Memorial Hospital

Noyes Emergency Department

Noyes Memorial Hospital is a 67-bed facility located in Dansville, NY. Here, a highly-trained team of physicians, nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals provide superb care for the surrounding community.  Emergency medicine specialists, many from UR Medicine's Strong emergency department, and nurses trained in trauma care, stroke treatment and advanced cardiac life support will provide you with the best possible care.  If additional care is needed, Noyes' team of surgeons is on call at all times, and, if we can't help you in Dansville, Noyes links with our UR Medicine partners to get you the care you need.