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URMC / Emergency Preparedness Coalition / Training: Online/Self-Study Opportunities

Training: Online/Self-Study Opportunities


Advanced Burn Life Support Now Course (ABLS-Now)

note: ABA releasing updated online course soon.  Please check back

Core Disaster Life Support ONLINE Course (eCDLS)

Free Slots available to WR, CNY, CDR and MARO HEPC Partners.  Contact FLRTC to request a slot and registration instructions. 

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

Disaster Mental Health RECORDED Webinar Series (LMS)

Disaster Triage - START


Hazmat for First Receiver Awareness/Refresher


ICS Review Courses

  • ICS 100: Introduction to the Incident Command System - Recorded Session
    Enroll in LMS Course: RTC-IS100-REC
    Recorded: February 13, 2019
    Session Length:
    IS-100.c Course Handout
    FEMA IS-100.c Final Exam

Other On Demand/Self Study Courses

Active Shooter/Armed Aggressor

Continuity of Operations

  • FEMA Independent Study
    IS-546.a: Continuity of Operations Awareness Course
    IS-547.a: Introduction to Continuity of Operations
    IS-520:  Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenza

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    CDC-CERC-01: Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC)
    CDC-CERC-02: CERC-Pandemic Influenza
  • Columbia Regional Learning Center
    CRLC-CLIN 1601: Communicating around Mass Trauma
    CRLC-COM 1301: Basics of Risk Communication
    CRLC-COM 2302: Risk Communication for High Risk & At Risk Populations

Exercise Design and Evaluation

  • FEMA Independent Study

    IS-120.A: An Introduction to Exercises
    IS-130: Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning

Hazmat (Chem, Rad, Bio)

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    CDC-RAD: Radiation Basics Made Simple
    CDC-PSYCH: Psychological First Aid in Radiation Disasters
  • Columbia Regional Learning Center
    CRLC-ENV 1703: Chemical Emergencies and the Role of Public Health
    CRLC-PREP 2102: Chem Rad Bio-Fundamentals for Public Health Workers
  • FEMA Independent Study
    IS-346: An Orientation to Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel

ICS/NIMS Courses

  • FEMA Independent Study

    IS-100.c: Introduction to Incident Command System, ICS-100
    IS-200.b: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
    IS-200.HCA: Applying ICS to Healthcare Organizations
    IS-700.B: National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction
    IS-800.C: National Response Framework (NRF) An Introduction

Mental Health/Psychological First Aid


Strategic National Stockpile

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Strategic National Stockpile
    SNS-100: Guidance & Overview
    SNS-101: SNS Overview
    SNS-102: Mass Dispensing Overview
    SNS-103: Closed Point of Dispensing Considerations
  • Columbia Regional Learning Center
    CRLC-POD 2501: Advanced Topics in Point of Dispensing (POD)-Design, Managment and Evaluation