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OSHA Best Practices for Hospital Based First Receivers

OSHA 3249-08N 2005 Best Practices for Hospital Based First Receivers (2005)

OSHA 3384-09 2011 Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respiratory Protection Standard (2011)

OSHA Resources

Emergency Response Guidebook (2016)

Emergency Responder Radioactive Material Quick Reference Sheet (DOE/TEPP - 2006)

Nerve Agent Information for Emergency Medical Services and Hospitals (ASPR 2018)

Helping Community Combat Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories Toolkit

OSHA - Worker Safety in Hospitals

Patient Decontamination in a Mass Chemical Exposure Incident: National Planning Guidance for Communities
(The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Homeland Security - Dec 2014)
Highlights from the guidance include:
- Determining need for decontamination of an individual patient and prioritization;
- Choosing patient decontamination methods;
- Determining the effectiveness of decontamination;
- Coordinating the system-wide response;
- Communicating crisis and risk messages to the community.

 Hospital Decontamination Self Assessment Tool

3M User Advisory Notice BE-10BR Hood (Sept 2016)

29 CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection (Sept 2004)

Communicating Radiation Risks (EPA 2007)

Healthcare Challenges in Chemical Incidents Recorded Webinar
- Handouts

Preparation and Planning for Chemical Emergencies


ASPR Chempacks

National Strategy for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Standards

Key Planning Factors and Considerations for Response to and Recovery from a Chemical Incident

Tools for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Hazards

Hazardous Materials Incidents Guidance for State, Local, Tribal, Territorial, and Private Sector Partners

The Golden First Minutes — Initial Response to a Chemical Hazardous Materials Incident

Animal Decontamination Resources
Guidance on Decontaminating Animals ( 2005)
Animal Decontamination Procedures (Wyoming Department of Health)
Just In Time Training - Animal Decontamination (Iowa State University - 2014)
Animal Decon Handout (Iowa State University - 2014)
VMAT Decontamination Standard Operating Procedure (2004)
Canine Decontamination Guide (FEMA)
Animals in Disasters (FEMA)
Hospital Decontamination System & Decontamination Methods For Assisting Dogs That Accompany Incoming Disaster Victims

FLRTC Training Resources

FLRTC Hazmat for the First Receivers - Instructor Resources

Hazmat for the First Receivers Operations Level Training: INSTRUCTOR PPT
Updated October 2017
Hazmat for the First Receivers Operations Level Training STUDENT HANDOUTS
Updated October 2017

Hazmat for the First Receivers Course Support Materials: Instructors

Cholinergic Videos & Uploading Instructions

ADLS v.3.0 Decontamination Video
Includes donning and doffing Level C Hazmat PPE

FLRTC - Hazmat for the First Receiver Awareness/Refresher RECORDED Webinar Session


2017 Session Recorded: Tuesday, April 26, 2017 - Session Length: 2 hr 05 min 31 sec
2017 Course Handout
2017 Webex Link

2015 Session Recorded: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Session Length: 2 hr 37 min 27 sec
2015 Course Handout
2015 Webex Link

FLRTC - Hazmat for the First Receiver Awareness/Refresher Online Modules

Recorded January 2009

Course Handouts: Hazmat For the First Receiver Awareness/Refresher Modules - Student Handouts

Video Module 1 - General Principals (15 min)
Video Module 2 - Chemical Agents (15 min)
Video Module 3 - Biological Agents (20 min)
Video Module 4 - Radiological Agents (25 min)
Video Module 5 - Decontamination Operations (20 min)
Video Module 6 - ADLS v.3.0 Level C Donning/Doffing & Decontamination (23 min)