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OSHA Best Practices for Hospital Based First Receivers

OSHA 3249-08N 2005 Best Practices for Hospital Based First Receivers (2005)

OSHA 3384-09 2011 Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respiratory Protection Standard (2011)

OSHA Resources

Emergency Response Guidebook (2016)

Emergency Responder Radioactive Material Quick Reference Sheet (DOE/TEPP - 2006)

Nerve Agent Information for Emergency Medical Services and Hospitals (ASPR 2018)

Helping Community Combat Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories Toolkit

OSHA - Worker Safety in Hospitals

Patient Decontamination in a Mass Chemical Exposure Incident: National Planning Guidance for Communities
(The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Homeland Security - Dec 2014)
Highlights from the guidance include:
- Determining need for decontamination of an individual patient and prioritization;
- Choosing patient decontamination methods;
- Determining the effectiveness of decontamination;
- Coordinating the system-wide response;
- Communicating crisis and risk messages to the community.

 Hospital Decontamination Self Assessment Tool

3M User Advisory Notice BE-10BR Hood (Sept 2016)

29 CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection (Sept 2004)

Communicating Radiation Risks (EPA 2007)

Healthcare Challenges in Chemical Incidents Recorded Webinar
- Handouts

Animal Decontamination Resources
Guidance on Decontaminating Animals ( 2005)
Animal Decontamination Procedures (Wyoming Department of Health)
Just In Time Training - Animal Decontamination (Iowa State University - 2014)
Animal Decon Handout (Iowa State University - 2014)
VMAT Decontamination Standard Operating Procedure (2004)
Canine Decontamination Guide (FEMA)
Animals in Disasters (FEMA)
Hospital Decontamination System & Decontamination Methods For Assisting Dogs That Accompany Incoming Disaster Victims

FLRTC Training Resources

FLRTC Hazmat for the First Receivers - Instructor Resources

Hazmat for the First Receivers Operations Level Training: INSTRUCTOR PPT
Updated October 2017
Hazmat for the First Receivers Operations Level Training STUDENT HANDOUTS
Updated October 2017

Hazmat for the First Receivers Course Support Materials: Instructors

Cholinergic Videos & Uploading Instructions

ADLS v.3.0 Decontamination Video
Includes donning and doffing Level C Hazmat PPE

FLRTC - Hazmat for the First Receiver Awareness/Refresher RECORDED Webinar Session


2017 Session Recorded: Tuesday, April 26, 2017 - Session Length: 2 hr 05 min 31 sec
2017 Course Handout
2017 Webex Link

2015 Session Recorded: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Session Length: 2 hr 37 min 27 sec
2015 Course Handout
2015 Webex Link

FLRTC - Hazmat for the First Receiver Awareness/Refresher Online Modules

Recorded January 2009

Course Handouts: Hazmat For the First Receiver Awareness/Refresher Modules - Student Handouts

Video Module 1 - General Principals (15 min)
Video Module 2 - Chemical Agents (15 min)
Video Module 3 - Biological Agents (20 min)
Video Module 4 - Radiological Agents (25 min)
Video Module 5 - Decontamination Operations (20 min)
Video Module 6 - ADLS v.3.0 Level C Donning/Doffing & Decontamination (23 min)