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Visual Rehabilitation Research

Although the eyes are critical for vision, the images they transmit must be processed in the brain in order to give rise to the sensation of “sight”. The importance of this processing is made clear by visual strokes which can cause complete blindness, although the eyes remain completely intact.

It is therefore important to study how the brain processes visual inputs, both to better understand the nature of central visual processing, and to develop methods to ameliorate visual loss caused by brain injury.

Dr. Krystel Huxlin and her team recently discovered that visual training can recover vision in parts of the visual field blinded by cortical damage. Her long-term objective is to characterize the properties of, and signal processing mechanisms that enable visual relearning and recovery in cortical blindness. This knowledge should allow us to predict the extent to which vision can be recovered, as well as the quality and modality of recovered vision that can be attained in a given individual.

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