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Mindful Practice Programs

  • Mindful Practice® programs help to develop qualities of exemplary clinicians in all specialties and at all levels of experience.  These qualities include the ability to be present, attentive, and curious, and to adopt a "beginner's mind" with the goal of achieving greater awareness and insight into one's own work.

Mindful Practice® programs offer a means to:YouTube Video

  • Enhance the self-awareness, wellness, and resilience of health professionals
  • Improve their relationships with patients and colleagues
  • Advance the quality of medical care they provide

Please click on the picture to get an eight-minute sneak peek video of our workshops!


GoldMindful Practice® programs is pleased to announce a new affiliation with the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.  The Gold Foundation "engages with schools, health systems, companies, and individual clinicians in the joy and meaning of humanistic healthcare, so that they have strength and knowledge to ensure patients and families are partners in collaborative, compassionate, and scientifically excellent care."  They have been strong supporters and funders since the early days of our programs and we are pleased to have the Gold Foundation as partners in new programs and initiatives.