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Goal: To increase breastfeeding rates and improve breastfeeding outcomes throughout the Finger Lakes Region by enhancing the continuum of breastfeeding care during the prenatal period, hospital stay and after discharge.

Materials available in this section include information to assist with hospital breast feeding policy development and implementation as well as tools and educational materials for obstetrical, pediatric and family medicine providers and their patients.

Presentations and Toolkits are available from our most recent  and past Finger Lakes Regional Hospitals Breastfeeding Summits including:

  • NYSDOH Hospital Breastfeeding Policy
  • Sample hospital breastfeeding policies
  • Implementation strategies including practical floor tools
  • National and state breastfeeding data
  • Research articles, educational materials, websites
  • Community resources which promote and support breastfeeding

Check back often as information will be added and/or updated regularly.

For additional information contact: Holly Widanka, MS; Sr. Health Project Coordinator, University of Rochester Medical Center.

* Funding support provided by NYSDOH (Grant # C023908) and NIH (PHS Grant # RO1-HD055191) through the Community Partnership for Breastfeeding Promotion