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Provider Information

Why Complete Transfer Information is Required
  • Transfer Info Letter
Maternal Transfer Information Form
Topics of Interest

Initiate a Maternal Transfer or Consult an MFM doctor

Use the template above for transfer to the Finger Lakes Region Perinatal Center. All of the information requested is needed by the receiving hospital for all care needs to be accurately met and documented.

After completing the form, call Strong Memorial Labor and Delivery Unit - (585) 275-7808 (Direct doctor's line) or (585) 275-5222 (Direct line to L&D unit) or (585) 275-2222 (SMH Page Operator to page MFM directly).

Outpatient OB Consult or Questions

Call Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) at (585) 487-3352

NYSDOH Maternity Information

Healthy Baby Goal

Between 2007 and 2014 seventy-five healthy infants died in Monroe County because of unsafe sleep environments such as co-sleeping with a parent or loose bedding. Obstetricians have a vital role to play in preparing families for the birth of a new baby including education about safe sleep, car seats, breast-feeding and environmental smoke exposure.

As a result of local discussions, the Monroe County Department of Public Health, District II, NY Section 10 of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology; the Rochester Pediatric Society; REACH (Referral and Evaluation of Abused Children Program); the University of Rochester Medical Center; and the Rochester General Health System, have joined forces to encourage Obstetrical and Family Medicine providers to educate expectant women about these important issues. Pediatricians and family medicine physicians routinely address these four topics during well visits. However, these are issues that should also be addressed prior to the birth of the infant, ideally as part of a woman's prenatal care.

Healthy Baby Network Home Page

Safe Sleep Links

2007-2019 Statistics Report Unsafe Sleep Deaths

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