Non-Surgical Weight Loss

At Highland Hospital, our obesity experts want to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your weight loss journey. Although surgery is the most effective option, our team offers multiple approaches that can help you treat your obesity and make the lifestyle changes necessary to reach your goals.

HMR™ Meal Replacement

  • Fast weight loss program with 30+ years of medical weight loss experience

  • Guided prescription for calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced entrees, cereal, bars, soups and shakes that keep you feeling full

  • Weekly classes that help you gain the skills and behaviors necessary to establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise

  • Counseling and peer support as you develop, achieve and track your long-term goals

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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

  • Weight maintenance with lifestyle coaching and support for bariatric surgery patients

  • Build on existing knowledge, while learning new skills and practicing healthy habits for long-term success

  • Designed to help maintain your daily routine and manage through personal challenges

  • Support from peers to help motivate and challenge you to achieve your goals

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To participate in the Healthy Lifestyle Program you will need to be six months post-op from bariatric surgery.

Weight Loss Medication

  • Medications prescribed to suppress your appetite while adapting to a new way of eating

  • Medical oversight to monitor health safety and long-term effectiveness throughout your weight loss journey

  • Medication only prescribed with participation in Highland Hospital’s non-surgical weight loss programs

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