Healthy Lifestyle and Meal Planning

Before Surgery

Your commitment to developing a healthier lifestyle is your key to success with bariatric surgery. Once you take that first step to becoming a healthier you, we will be here to guide you the rest of the way.

Taking the time to learn how to manage your new lifestyle is vital to your success. We will teach you the importance of understanding your nutrition and tracking your progress to meet weight loss goals.

Use our high protein liquid meal plan to stock your pantry with the appropriate food choices and protein supplements that you prefer in advance of your surgery date as this will be your first meal plan to follow upon discharge.

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Plan de Comida Líquida

It is important that you follow the appropriate meal plans and use the guidelines to ensure your success after surgery. These are designed to help you stay on track throughout your weight loss journey.

It is important to follow our high protein liquid meal plan along with the protein supplement list upon discharge following surgery. Your provider will let you know when it is safe to move onto the next plan.

- Versión en Español -
Plan de Comida Líquida

Upon approval from your provider, you will begin following our pureed meal plan. All foods must be the consistency of applesauce or baby food in this early healing phase.

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Pautas en puré       Plan de comidas en puré

Upon approval from your provider, you will begin following our soft meal plan. The texture and variety of foods are gradually increasing as you heal from surgery.

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Pautas suaves       Plan de comidas blandas

Upon approval from your provider, you will begin following our 3-6 month meal plan. At this time, you will gradually reintroduce new foods one at a time for the next few months.

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Pautas 3-6 meses       Plan de alimentación de 3-6 meses

Upon approval from your provider, you will begin following our lifestyle meal plan recognizing that everyone progresses differently in regards to tolerance of foods and size of meals.

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Pautas 6 meses       Plan de alimentación de estilo de vida

At this time, you will continue following our lifestyle meal plan to make sure your daily nutritional needs are met. We want you to be promoting a healthy lifestyle, complete with exercise and vitamin/mineral supplementation. You will continue to attend annual check-ups with your bariatric provider to ensure your long-term weight loss success.

Additional Resources

Continuing to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle is essential to long-term success. Staying committed to this goal will help you long after bariatric surgery.

Support is key as you navigate through your weight loss journey and we are here for you.

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Physical activity and mindful practices help to reduce stress and promote healthy eating and in turn help to support weight loss.

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After bariatric surgery, you will need to take supplements every day for the rest of your life as recommended by your provider. Vitamins and minerals have many functions in the body and are necessary to keep the body working to its fullest potential.

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Led by our dietitians, our weekly virtual coaching program will help to support long-term goals, weight maintenance and healthy habits for our post bariatric surgery patients.

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A fast weight loss option using meal replacements that may be helpful to get back on track when you have more weight to lose.

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Enroll today and get your up-to-date health information, upcoming appointments and communicate with your provider right when you need it.

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