Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Our Healthy Lifestyle Classes are specifically designed to support the long-term goals of our bariatric surgery patients. This program focuses on weight maintenance and incorporating healthy habits into your everyday activities. It’s all about adopting a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable long term. Our goal is to set you up for success right from the start and still be here when you need us for extra support.

The Healthy Lifestyle program comes with the same level of expectations and accountability experienced during your active weight loss phase of surgery.  Classes are led by a registered dietitian and will meet weekly. Participants will set goals, monitor progress and be accountable to themselves and the group. You will build on the baseline skills that you learned in the active weight loss phase while continuing to develop new healthy eating patterns and exercise routines that can be followed long-term.

Examples of class curriculum:

  • Meal planning for your health

  • Snacks to curb cravings

  • Benefits to staying hydrated

  • Mindful eating techniques 

  • Navigating holidays, vacations, etc.

  • Food preparation and modifying recipes

  • Scheduling and committing to physical activity

  • Time management and stress reduction

  • Developing a support network

The weight maintenance phase is recommended to be a minimum of 12 months to allow time to work through and experience all the challenges faced in a year’s time.

Program Requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 12 months post bariartic surgery
  • Complete one-on-one consultations with our registered dietitians (may be up to 3 appointments)
  • Attend all scheduled classes as failure to comply may result in removal from the program

Post-surgical weight loss medication can only be prescribed when enrolled in the Healthy Lifestyle Program.

What is the cost of the program?

Healthy Lifestyle Program:

  • $245 for the initial 3 months

    • Body composition analysis

    • Comprehensive quick start class

    • Weekly follow up classes and coaching

  • $180 for each additional 3 months of coaching classes

Class packages are purchased in 3 month installments.

The Healthy Lifestyle Program is not covered by insurance. We do accept FSA/HSA accounts and URMC Financial Assistance is available.

How do I get started?

We are here to provide you the guidance and support needed to help achieve your goals in the next phase of your weight loss journey. Contact us today!