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Proud to be Part of a Beautiful Neighborhood

  • Highland Hospital Construction Project

  • Highland Hospital Construction Project

  • Highland Hospital Construction Project

  • Highland Hospital Construction Project

  • Highland Hospital Construction Project

We continue to work with neighbors and neighborhood groups to preserve and enhance the appearance and ambiance of the area. Our representatives and neighbors meet to address topics such as appearance of the new addition, Highland campus landscaping, parking, noise control and ensuring hospital-neighborhood communication and collaboration.

Highland is also part of NBN6, a coalition of neighborhoods located in the south east of Rochester.  Originally formed as part of the ‘Neighbors Building Neighborhoods’ initiative, a smaller group of Sector 6 neighborhoods have continued to meet and work together with Highland Hospital towards common goals. 

One standing committee is called the Highland Hospital Neighborhood Steering Committee; this group, which is comprised of several nearby residents and NBN Sector 6 representatives, worked together as Highland sought variances before the City Zoning Commission for its modernization project. Highland Hospital is now in the early stages of developing the next phase of its master plan. As part of that, the Highland Hospital Neighborhood Steering Committee's focus has shifted to concentrate on collecting input and identifying priorities and concerns as the hospital works through a Planned Development re-zoning with the City of Rochester.

Neighborhood representatives include:

                Becca Webb             

                David Nelson           

                Judy Hay                 

                Karl Waelder           

                Kerry Regan            

                Mike Mahoney         

                Mike Thompson       

                Thomas Gallagher   

This process will take a closer look at the hospital campus footprint over a period of 25 to 50 years. As the process moves forward, neighborhood constituency groups will be presented to, and asked for input, similar to what was done for the Zoning Variance.  Once a schedule is developed, NBN6 should expect presentations from hospital officials.

As an informational tool, the NBN6 web site regularly posts minutes from the Steering Committee meetings.NBN6 proud to be part of a beautiful neighborhood in Rochester’s Highland Park area.

Highland Park Neighborhood/Highland Hospital Interaction Committee (HPNHHIC)

Neighbors have an open invitation to attend the Highland Park Neighborhood Interaction Committee, chaired by Mike Thompson, who has advocated on behalf of neighborhood concerns for many years. Hospital Facilities and Public Relations staff the meetings and representatives from Government Relations and Space Planning at the University of Rochester Medical Center may also be in attendance. The purpose of the meeting is for the hospital to share information, discuss and try to resolve issues, and hear from local neighbors about their concerns, questions, and perspectives. If you live in the neighborhood and would like to attend, you may contact Mike Thompson via e-mail at Of course, you are always welcome to simply join us when you can. This meeting is scheduled for the last Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Gleason Conference Room, Highland Hospital. On occasion, the meeting date changes or the meeting may be cancelled. We will post a confirmation about the committee meeting on our blog each month or you can contact Mike Thompson directly. Mike maintains an e-mail distribution list of regular attendees in case a notification needs to be shared, meeting minutes are available, or important follow-up is necessary. The Blog is another conduit for information-sharing; please sign up to receive notifications on the construction project and more.