The Highland Experience

Evarts Joint Center
 1000 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
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We are experts in helping reduce joint pain, increase motion, and improve your quality of life. UR Medicine surgeons are all board certified and fellowship trained, allowing them to offer the area's most advanced care and widest range of treatment options for all joint, bone, or muscle pain or injuries.

Our team will coach and care for you from preparation through recovery, with your recovery team by your side every step of your journey. That one-on-one support is one part of the Highland difference, along with:

  • Advanced Care and Comfortable Environment
    As part of UR Medicine, our patients have access to the newest treatments and most advanced orthopaedic operating rooms. Plus, Highland is easy to navigate and provides the compassionate care you expect at a community hospital.  
  • Exceptional Outcomes and High Satisfaction
    Our patients routinely give us high satisfaction ratings based on their outcomes and overall experience, which places your privacy and comfort as priorities.
  • Experienced Team and Specialized Care
    Because of their advanced training and expertise, UR Medicine surgeons treat the most complex medical conditions, including complicated revision surgeries.
  • Dedicated Anesthesia and Pain Management
    The anesthesiologists at Evarts specialize in joint replacement surgery and tailor medication protocols to each patient, helping you get back on your feet sooner and recover with fewer side effects.
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation and Therapy
    Our recovery floor is dedicated to joint replacement patients and features a Rehabilitation Center just down the hall from your room. Our physical and occupational therapists will design a personalized rehab plan for you to help speed your recovery.

If joint pain is interfering with your everyday life, call (585) 275-5321 for a consultation with one of our joint surgeons or learn more about the Evarts Joint Center experience. We share your goal of returning you to a life in motion.

Evarts Joint Center
 1000 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
See Map and Directions