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Medical Student Education

Imaging has an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, making it crucial to exceptional patient care as well as increasing treating physicians’ capacity to diagnose and make more appropriate treatment recommendations. To that end, the Department of Imaging is committed to providing a positive educational experience for medical students with the goal of educating students in the basics of imaging modalities whether on service or in other capacities.

We realize that many students will not become radiologists, but imaging is still integral to all of the different disciplines in medicine. Our goals for all medical students are to:

  • Learn how to utilize radiological services
  • Assimilate ways to facilitate communication with radiologists and technologists
  • Become familiar with the strengths and limitations of the various imaging exams relative to pathophysiologic processes

Visit our Medical Student Resources page for links to recommended resources.


Contact Us

Cheryl Papaleo
Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: (585) 273-5476
Fax: (585) 273-1033


We offer Diagnostic Radiology elective courses for third and fourth year medical students. During these two week electives, students become acquainted with radiographic examinations and procedures which are accomplished by rotations in general radiology and subspecialty areas, multidisciplinary and resident conferences, self-study, and optional participation in research projects and an ultrasound activity session.

Fourth year visiting medical students are welcome to enroll in our elective courses. Detailed instructions on the application process can be found on the Medical Education Registrar website.

Radiology Interest Club

The Radiology Interest Club aims to educate medical students about opportunities in radiology through meetings and events organized during the year. Such events include a panel of residents who will share their experience in the path to radiology residency and life as a radiology resident, and informative sessions on new innovations and technology development in radiology. Medical students will also meet Radiology faculty and senior residents to learn about the exciting subspecialty careers available in the field. The club also provides contact information about radiology research projects.

Faculty contact: Andrew Cantos, M.D. and Stan L. Weiss, M.D.
Resident contacts: Michael Leshen, M.D., Joseph Procell, D.O., and Sankarsh Jetty, M.D.


Strong Memorial Hospital provides short-term shadow/observational experiences for all students age 16 and older.  Short-term shadowing and Observership opportunities are offered on a limited basis as time and date slots allow for High School Students, College Students, External/Internal Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, and APP’s.  These experiences are defined as opportunities where an individual follows an Imaging Science Faculty member or Resident during a work day. 

Prior approval must be received by our Education Director and/or Program Director of a chosen specialty.  The Shadow and Observation experience is subject to, but not limited to,  a Faculty background check for minor students, completion of required forms (HIPAA/Confidentiality, Vaccination/Immunation).  Other forms will be extended based on type of Shadow/Observation experience.

Our Team

Curriculum Directors

Photo of Stan L. Weiss, M.D.

Stan L. Weiss, M.D.
Professor Director of Diagnostic Radiology Electives/Curriculum for Third/Fourth Year
Medical Students

Dr. Cantos

Andrew Cantos, MD 
Interventional Radiology (Third/Fourth Years) Assistant Professor, Imaging Sciences



Christian Pecoraro, D.O.
Christian Pecoraro, D.O.
Special Interest Group Manager

Sankarsh Jetty
Sankarsh Jetty, M.D.
Special Interest Group Manager