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URMC / Institute for Innovative Education / Funding Opportunity

Funding Opportunity

The Institute for Innovative Education is pleased to announce a request for proposal which will provide mentorship and funds to initiate interprofessional educational initiatives and collaborative educational research.  The purpose of this program is to foster innovative educational initiatives between various health professions that can address educational needs for multiple groups of learners (students/trainees, residents, fellows, practicing providers) at URMC. This program is also intended to provide mentorship from the Board of Directors of the Institute for Innovative Education so that educational initiatives can be connected across programs and resources.  It is further intended that this program development can be translated into educational outcomes and transportable and transferable training models.  Project proposals should demonstrate an understanding of one or more educational methodologies and learning theory that supports the program aims and development.  Due date for completed applications is January 23, 2015.

Request for Proposal details

Application Title Page

Budget Template