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Single-Cell Profiling

Image depicting single cell profilingT cell responses in vivo are highly heterogeneous and polyfunctional. Thus, to capture the diversity of T cell populations we are using single-cell methods. In addition of multiparameter flow cytometry, we perform single-cell RNAseq, ATACseq, CHIPseq to uncover new cell populations and gene programs of T cells responding to pathogens and tumors.

Imaging and Spacial Transcriptomics

Image depicting Imaging and spacial transcriptomesTo uncover the dynamics of T cell responses within tissues we are using new imaging and transcriptomics methods to investigate the spatial distribution and gene expression of T cell populations in the tumor and lymphoid organs.

Gene Editing

Image depicting gene editingRecent advances in gene editing methods allow us to target specific loci using CRISPR-Cas9 approaches. By creating new animal models this allow us to enhance, delete or track gene expression in T cells in vivo. In addition, we implemented this strategy to perform high throughput gene screening in T cells in vivo.

System Immunology

Image depicting system immunologyTo analyze and integrate data generated from our study, we are developing new computational methods to further understand how the repertoire, gene expression and epigenetic landscape influence T cell responses.