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Tumor Immunology

Project Tumor Immunology ThumbnailT cells recognize malignant cells and can be used to promote tumor rejections. However, the tumor micro-environment alter their functions and reduces the efficacy of T-cell based treatment. Using animal models and human samples, we study the regulation of T cell migration and functions within the tumor and lymphoid organs in order to identify new therapeutic targets and enhance tumor immunotherapies.

Vaccine and Infectious Diseases

Project Vaccine and Infectious Disease ThumbThe ability of the immune system to remember previous infections is the basis of vaccination strategy. We use infectious models and new technologies to further dissect the mechanisms of action and molecular requirement of such immunological memory in vivo.

T Cell Transcriptome and Epigenome

Project T Cell TranscriptomeThe development, function and maintenance of T cell populations responding to pathogens and cancer rely on the orchestration of specific cell programs. To further understand this process and leverage the function of T cell responses, we decipher at the single-cell resolution the location, gene expression and epigenetic landscape of T cells during infections and tumorigenesis.

T Cell Repertoire Engagement

Project T Cell Repertoire ThumbThe diversity of the T cell repertoire influences the overall response of antigen-specific T cells. Using new single-cell technology, in vivo models and computational approaches we aim to uncover the rules of engagement and functional diversity of the T cell repertoire during infection and tumor responses.