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Marie Flannery
Research Interest: Symptoms in older adults, Patient-Reported Outcomes, Quality of Life, Geriatric Oncology

Nikesha Gilmore
Research Interest:

Biological markers of aging, health equity, supportive care interventions, mechanisms of frailty and resilience.

Sindhuja Kadambi
Research Interest:

GU malignancies, caregiver research

Lee Kehoe
Research Interest: Mental health and social support inverventions for older adults and caregivers

Kah Poh Loh
Research Interest:

Geriatric hematology, digital health technologies, behavioral and supportive care interventions, physical function, decision-making in AML, prognostic understanding, communication, end-of-life care

Director, Geriatric Hematology and Mobile Health Research
Director, Geriatric Oncology Research Observership Program

Allison Magnuson
Research Interest:

Cognition, cognitive interventions, GA and management interventions

Mostafa Mohamed
Research Interest:

Chemotherapy dosing, polypharmacy, treatment tolerability

Supriya Mohile
Research Interest: Geriatric assessment and management interventions, symptomatic toxicities, tolerability, clinical trial design for older adults with cancer, caregiver research

Erika Ramsdale
Research Interest: Polypharmacy, data science, informatics, implementation science

Sule Yilmaz
Research Interest:

Cancer care in the ED, patient-centered care, prognostic understanding, patient-physician communication, social networks, and end-of-life care