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Research Interest: Statistical support of clinical oncology studies . Analysis of longitudinal patient reported outcomes data. Statistical modeling of treatment tolerability  in older adults with cancer. Risk prediction tools identifying factors associated with adverse clinical events and poor treatment tolerability
Research Interest: End-of-life care; behavioral interventions.
Research Interest: Communication in Health, Palliative Care
Research Interest: Understanding clinical, psychological, and biological mechanisms of cognitive difficulties in cancer patients
Research Interest: Community Outreach & Engagement, Cancer Disparities, LGBTQ+ Communities Health Disparities
Amber Kleckner, Ph.D.

University of Maryland
Research Interest: Testing nutritional interventions to improve supportive care outcomes, specifically cancer-related fatigue, and understanding mechanistic underpinnings of cancer-related fatigue.
Research Interest: Applying palliative care approaches to reduce the suffering and improve the lives of patients and families affected by neurologic illnesses. This includes improving our understanding and ability to manage fatigue, problems with thinking and memory, and other difficult symptoms. We are using brain imaging to study these problems and we are trying both medications and non-medical means like acupuncture to treat them.
Research Interest: Social networks and developing network-building interventions. Dissemination and Implementation of health innovations. Mixed Methods Research.
Research Interest: Palliative care, communication, caregivers, qualitative and mixed methods.
Research Interest: Natural products including supplements, diet, and lifestyle interventions.
Research Interest: Mediation analysis, high-dimensional data analysis, causal inference, machine learning, compostional data analysis, statistical genomics and metagenomics.
Research Interest: Studying epigenetic mechanisms underlying environment-induced adverse pregnancy and developmental outcomes, including how endocrine-disrupting chemicals change maternal health, mammalian reproduction, and the expression and function of imprinted genes.
Research Interest: Cancer epigenetics: the role of DNA methylation and chromatin in driving cancer phenotypes and as a target for therapeutic intervention
Research Interest: Statistical analysis and programming with experience of missing data imputation, longitudinal analysis, cluster analysis, survival analysis, high-throughput data analysis, network analysis and model performance evaluation, analyzing immunological and biomedical data, clinical and medical imaging data, transcriptomics and microbiome data.
Research Interest: Patient priorities, communication, integrating medicine and psychiatry, mixed methods
Huiwen Xu, Ph.D., MHA
Research Interest: Apply advanced statistical and data science methods to examine cancer patients in nursing home; Nursing home quality, disparity, and policies.
Research Interest: Psychosocial intervention