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Post-Doctoral Fellows and Students


Anima Ghimire,
Anima Ghimire
Resident, Internal Medicine

Research Interest: Geriatric assessment, prognostication, health care utilization among geriatric patients



Research Interest: Healthy aging, fall prevention, aging in place, maintaining independence during acute/chronic illness, patient education/coordination of care


Jeremy Kelly, MAPP, Ph.D.
Jeremy Kelly, MAPP, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate

Research Interest: Retrospective and prospective cognitive processes, intolerance of uncertainty, curiosity, transdiagnostic assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders

Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim
Undergraduate Student
Kaitlin Kyi, M.D.
Kaitlin Kyi, M.D.
Postdoctoral Associate

Research Interest: Communication, narrative medicine


Marissa LoCastro
Marissa LoCastro
Medical Student

Research Interest: Hematologic malignancy and end of life care


Mostafa Mohamed, MBBCh
Mostafa Mohamed, MBBCh
Postdoctoral Associate

Research Interest: Chemotherapy dosing, polypharmacy, treatment tolerability


Yiping Pang, M.A.
Yiping Pang, M.A.
Graduate Student

Research Interest: Model misspecifications, structural equation modeling, Bayesian analysis


Veronica Yu, B.A.
Veronica Yu, B.A.
Graduate Student

Research Interest: Social networks and communication, polypharmacy


Janice Zhao
Janice Zhao
Resident, Internal Medicine