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Review each section below for brief suggestions on searching with each library resource tab. Visit the Search Tips guide for more detailed instructions on the new library discovery tool.

Articles and Books

Search for books, e-books, articles, and other items available through the University of Rochester Libraries. When viewing search results, change options on the left to improve relevance or to expand your search.


  • Searching phrases with quotation marks:
    • ex: “to be or not to be”
  • Combining words with AND, OR, and NOT in capital letters:
    • ex: Soccer AND concussion
  • Substituting * for several variations of the word.
    • ex: Child* will search child, children, childhood, etc.
  • Searching with a title:
    • ex: Harrison’s Principals of Internal Medicine


The e-journals search is a way to find journals that are available electronically at the University of Rochester Libraries.


  • To see if a specific journal is available electronically, choose the ‘Title begins with” option from the drop-down menu and enter the beginning of the name of that journal.
    • ex: New England Journal
  • Otherwise, choose the "Title contains" option from the drop-down menu and enter keywords. Results will be publication names containing those words in order, NOT titles of individual articles.
    • ex: Psychiatry
    • ex: Psychiatry and neuro
  • Type a word stem to find all variants
    • ex: Biog searches for biography, biographical, biogeochemical


This tab provides access to a variety of content: articles, books, journals, newspapers, dissertations, images, data sources, chemical structures, patents, etc. Each database has its own distinct purpose and content.


  • If you know a database by name, type the full name or partial name of it into the search box to find it quickly:
    • PsycINFO
    • Web of Science
    • CINAHL
  • Also use the search box to find databases in a subject or content area by entering keywords:
    • Evidence-Based
    • Psychiatry
    • Systematic Reviews

UR Catalog

Use the Library Catalog to find books, journals, dissertations, and more. Both traditional and electronic format materials (many in full text) are included in the Library Catalog.


  • To select an alternate search index (author, subject, title) use the dropdown menu.
  • Advanced Search enables you to build a more complex search including optional limits and specific fields..

Miner Website

Provides quick access to the content you are looking for on the Miner Library webpage.


  • This is a keyword search that will retrieve results from Miner Library webpages.
  • You can search by name of journal, article title, help topic, database, subject guide (LibGuide), class offerings, etc.:
    • JAMA
    • Hours
    • PubMed
    • Classes