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Lainie Friedman Ross, MD, PhDLainie Friedman Ross​, MD, PhD
Department of Health Humanities and Bioethics

Stephanie Brown Clark, MD, PhD

Stephanie Brown Clark, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Acting Chair, Department of Health Humanities and Bioethics
Research Interests: History of medicine and science; literature and medicine; the role of humanities in medical education; understanding differences and diversity in healthcare.

Susan Dodge Peters Daiss, MASusan Dodge Peters Daiss, MA, M.Div
Senior Associate
Research Interests: Visual arts and healthcare education; visual arts, spirituality and patient care; thanatology in the visual arts.

Richard Dees, PhDRichard Dees, PhD
Research Interests: Transplant ethics; neuroethics; and public health ethics.

Erik LarsenErik Larsen, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Literature and medicine; biopolitics in historical and contemporary contexts; history of the life sciences; critical theory and medicine; nineteenth-century American culture.

Patricia LuckPatricia Luck, MBChB, MPhil PallMed, MSc MedHum​
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Understanding intersectionality within health care; exploring the transitional spaces of our lives; mindfulness in medicine; touch, presence and intimacy in the clinical encounter; cross-cultural narratives; health justice.

Christopher Mooney, PhD, MPHChristopher Mooney, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Health promotion; healthy aging; frailty; psychological determinants of health; medical education assessment; program evaluation

Natercia Rodrigues, M.D.Natercia Rodrigues, MD, MS
Assistant Professor
Research Interest - Medical narrative, the family response to illness, communication with patients and families, visual arts, and the application of the humanities into the exam room

ShandJessica C. Shand, MD MHS
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Theological approaches to suffering in healthcare, visual representations of suffering in the arts, integration of spirituality and medicine, pediatric bioethics, moral distress in the care of sick children, social justice and children.


Margie Hodges Shaw, JD, PhDMargie Hodges Shaw, JD, PhD
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Law and ethics in clinical decision-making, including the rights and interests of the patient, family, professions, state, and federal government; ethics of engagement; and legal and ethics education in the clinical professions.

Bernard Sussman, MDBernard Sussman, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Research Interests: Ethics of end of life decision making, narrative ethics, palliative care, surrogate decision making in end of life medical care

Nicholas MercadoNicholas R. Mercado, Dr PH, MPH
Assistant Professor

Jon HeringtonJonathan Herington, PhD
Assistant Professor - Philosophy

Photo UnavailableWendy Gonaver, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate

Additional Faculty

Michael Brennan, MSN
Associate, Health Humanities & Bioethics

Gary Chadwick, PharmD, MPH   
Professor Emeritus, Health Humanities & Bioethics

Carl T. D’Angio, MD,
Professor, Pediatrics (Neonatology) and Health Humanities & Bioethics

Richard Demme, MD   
Professor Emeritus, Health Humanities & Bioethics

Chin-To Fong, MD
Professor, Pediatrics (Genetics), Biochemistry and Biophysics, and Health Humanities & Bioethics

Jane Greenlaw, JD
Professor Emeritus, Health Humanities & Bioethics

Laurence B. Guttmacher, MD
Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry and Health Humanities & Bioethics; Associate Dean/Student Advising, Offices of Medical Education, SMD

Patrick J. Hopkins, DNP
Assistant Professor Clinical Nursing, SON; Assistant Professor, Health Humanities & Bioethics

David C. Kaufman, MD
Professor, Surgery (Thoracic), Medicine (Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care), Urology, Anesthesiology, and Health Humanities & Bioethics

John D. Markman, MD
Vice Chair for Clinical Research; Director, Translational Pain Research Program I Neuromedicine Pain Division
Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurology and Health Humanities & Bioethics

Adrienne L. Morgan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Health Humanities & Bioethics; Senior Director, Center for Advocacy, Community Health, Education and Diversity, SMD

Sarah E. Peyre, EdD
Associate Professor, Surgery (Surgery Education) and Health Humanities & Bioethics; Associate Professor of Clinical, Nursing; Director, Center for Experiential Learning, SMD

Timothy E. Quill, MD
Professor Emeritus, Medicine (Palliative Care), SON, Psychiatry and Health Humanities & Bioethics

J. Franklin Richeson, MD
Professor, Medicine (Cardiology) and Health Humanities & Bioethics

Robert Riley, MPH
Adjunct Instructor, Health Humanities & Bioethics

Olle Jane (OJ) Sahler, MD
Professor, Pediatrics (Hematology and Oncology) and Health Humanities & Bioethics

Joanne Wu, MD
Adjunct Instructor, Health Humanities & Bioethics; Physician, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Unity Health Systems/Rochester Regional Health Systems

Daniel M. Yawman, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Health Humanities & Bioethics

Marianne Chiafery, DNP, PNP-C, MS
Associate Professor - Retired, School of Nursing