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Our Team

The Memory Care Program consists of a team of neurologists, geriatric psychiatrists, a geriatrician, a neuropsychologist, a family and marriage therapist, and social workers.  Together these clinicians help patients and their families deal with the many dimensions of the disease and phases of treatment, beginning with an early and accurate diagnosis.  The team meets regularly, provides diagnostic and longitudinal follow-up and supportive care, and offers access to clinical trials as appropriate. 

  • Elizabeth J. Santos, MD, MPH, Medical Director
  • Megan Ayles, LMSW
    • Megan Ayles has her Master’s Degree in Social Work and started working for the University of Rochester in 2007.  She has a background working with geriatric, adult and pediatric populations.
  • Emily Clark, DO
  • Margaret Hance, LMSW
    • Margaret Hance has her Master’s degree in Social work from the University at Buffalo and has been at URMC since 2016. Previous experience has been with the Alzheimer’s Association of Rochester and several other geriatric care settings including social day program, assisted living, and nursing homes.
  • Angela Kristan, MD
  • H. Benjamin Lee, MD
  • Frederick Marshall, MD
  • Abigail Mathewson, BSN, RN-BC
    • Abby Mathewson completed her Bachelor's in Nursing at Nazareth College and started working for the University of Rochester in 2012.  She has a background in Psychiatry and has been with the Memory Care Program since 2018.
  • Carol Podgorski, PhD, MPH, LMFT
  • Anton Porsteinsson, MD
  • Susan Ruhlin, LMSW
    • Susan Ruhlin has her Master's Degree in Social Work and has worked at the University of Rochester Medical Center since 1999. She has a diverse and extensive case management background.
  • Miriam Weber, PhD