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Rochester Vaccine Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Rochester Vaccine Fellowship is awarded annually to an outstanding postdoctoral fellow working in the area of vaccine-related research, who is mentored by a faculty member with a primary or secondary appointment in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

This fund was created by a donation from Dr. Michael Pichichero in honor of Dr. Porter Anderson (Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics in Infectious Diseases), who co-invented the widely administered vaccine for bacterial meningitis.

Applications are requested and should consist of:

  • A brief (1 page or less) statement of research
  • CV of the applicant fellow
  • Short letter of support from the advisor

Approximately $6000 per year is available and can be used to support research supplies and/or travel to present at national and international scientific meetings or symposia. Salaries are not supported. Successful applications will emphasize vaccine-related research.  This is a one-year, non-renewable award.

Fellowship Awardees


  • Matthieu Paiola, Ph.D., Laboratory of Jacques Robert


  • Andrew Cameron, Ph.D., Laboratory of Paul Dunman


  • Ajitanuj Rattan, Ph.D., Laboratory of Andrea Sant


  • Bradley Mills, Laboratory of Scott Gerber


  • Laura Rodriguez Garcia, Laboratory of Luis Martinez-Sobrido


  • Anthony Franchini, Laboratory of Paige Lawrence
  • Hen Prizan, Laboratory of Deborah Fowell


  • Denise Skrombolas, Laboratory of John Frelinger 
  • Huang Huachao, Laboratory of Jian Zhu


  • Aitor Gonzales, Laboratory of Luis Martinez-Sobrido
  • Milan Popovic, Laboratory of Minsoo Kim


  • Leon Grayfer, Ph.D., Laboratory of Jacques Robert
  • Emilio Ortiz-Riaño, Ph.D., Laboratory of Luis Martinez-Sobrido


  • Eva-Stina Edholm, Ph.D., Laboratory of Jacques Robert


  • Raychel Chambers Stone, Ph.D., Laboratory of Toru Takimoto


  • Shanaka Rodrigo, Ph.D., Laboratory of Luis Martinez-Sobrido
  • Michael Overstreet, Ph.D., Laboratory of Deborah Fowell