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Education & Outreach

The easy accessibility of various life stages including eggs, embryos, tadpoles, metamorphosing froglets and adult frogs, all available in our research resource, provides a unique opportunity to be familiarized with developmental processes and the multiple facets of biology. Science can be fun!


Adaptive Immune Responses to Ranaviruses and Immune Evasion Strategies of Ranaviruses

Students From The STEP Program Visit

Summer high school students from the STEP program visited the resource July 22, 2015 for learning what frogs can teach us about immunology.

Special Workshop With Students From Sage Ridge School, Reno NV

Students visiting the lab

Students from Sage Ridge with Dr. Jacques Robert. Left to right: Kyle Dhindsa, Tera Robison, Brandon Welcome, Persiana Saffari, Dr. Jacques Robert, and Andrew Chellman.

The second edition of a special workshop for High School students was organized by the Xenopus laevis Research Resource for Immunobiology in the department of Microbiology and Immunology at University of Rochester Medical Center on Friday the 30th and Saturday, December 1st 2012.

During two days, five visiting students of the 11th and 12th Grade Level from the Sage Ridge School, Reno NV, were introduced by the director Dr. Robert and his students to care and handle frogs, as well as to perform basic immunological manipulations.

According to the Science Department Chair of the Sage Ridge School, Dr. Laurie Bissonette, the whole experience was again a great success and very positive for all the students.

Participants included Persiana Saffari (junior), Konner Robison (junior), Tera Robison (junior), Brandon Welcome (junior), Andrew Chellman (senior), Kyle Dhindsa (senior)